Indian Independence Day Photos – 15 August 1947

The Prime Minister of India hoisting the national flag at the Red Fort in Delhi. This is the most important event of the day, and it is watched by millions of people across India.

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India celebrates its 77th Independence Day this year – a long journey for a nation that liberated itself from colonial rule after a bloody struggle. Since 1947, every year the prime minister has ascended the national flag at the Red Fort and sent out wishes to all Indians to mark the occasion.

The prime minister’s address to the nation charts the country’s broad direction for the future years. The hoisting of the flag is a symbolic gesture by the president of the government to honor the sacrifices and valor of all those who laid their lives during the freedom movement.

77 th Indian Independence Day

People gathered in large crowds to celebrate Independence Day. These crowds waving the Indian flag and singing patriotic songs. New Delhi’s Rasina Hill is teeming with revelers as they celebrate India’s independence from Britain. Due to the influx of over 500,000 spectators, the drill and march past Cancel. Numerous Indians across the nation gathered to commemorate the occasion.

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Indian independence day photos 1947-wallpapers-2023

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Indian independence day photos 1947-wallpapers-2023

In this above photograph captured on 15 August 1947, New Delhi’s Rasina Hill is filled with revelers celebrating independence from Britain. This year marks India’s 74th Independence Day.

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India’s Independence Day, 1947 – [Full Resolution]

India’s Independence Day, 1947 [Full Resolution]. Footage from India where celebrations took place on the Day of Independence from Britain

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Independence Day is a time for Indians to come together and celebrate their freedom. It is a day to remember the sacrifices that were made to achieve independence and to look forward to a brighter future for India.

Independence Day is also a time to celebrate India’s military and cultural heritage. There are often military parades and cultural performances held on this day.

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