Happy Valentine’s Day 2024, as we all know this year the Valentine’s day celebration is going to be on a week day, so we got a few ideas for you guys, that you may apply while you are at work or college/school.

The Valentine’s Day is going to fall on a working day; you will probably spend working hours in the office with your co-workers or in college with your friends. On this day of hearts and love, you’re perhaps thinking only of your special someone. You try to concentrate on your work and studies but your heart and mind are on your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or someone special with whom you wanted to spend the entire day. This is just the same whether you’re the boss, manager, employee or student. It’s like working without a heart, since your heart is flying away outside from the workplace (unless your loved one is right beside you at the office/college).

Valentine’s Day is marketed as the day of romance. While really speaking, it’s the day of celebration of love.

And love is not restricted to your husband and wife, or girlfriend or boyfriend. It extends to all the people who care for you, and enrich your life with their presence.

That could be your parents, your siblings, your friends and it includes your colleagues with whom you spend the maximum time of your life. In fact, it’s a great idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day in office.

Here are 10 best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in office or college, and some tips to make the celebration a super hit. Valentine’s Day celebration at work or college could be more exciting than we expect, if we follow this fun activities. Get this exclusive Valentine’s Day celebration ideas from us and be the life of the party.

Best Ideas for Valentine’s Day Celebration

  1. Host a red party

Oh Yes! Host a red party for whole day. Use simply red decorations and tell yourcolleagues to wear only red outfits& accessories. Get creative and funny prizes for the most celebratory red outfit, most surprising red food, and many other fun activities. You could also host a “red” elephant gift exchange, with only red gifts! Play only tunes by making a playlist of songs that all have “red” or “love” in the title. Include a “Guess the Kisses” jar (with red Hershey’s Kisses, of course!) and award the winner with the kisses jar and a prize like an extra afternoon off or movie tickets for two. In addition, set up a Valentine’s Day photo booth corner withred hats, red boas, wax lips, etc.!

  1. Greet and wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day

One of the quickest ways to celebrate the Valentine is to greet your classmates and co-workers a Happy Valentine’s Day. Sound creates energy. Thus, exercise your mouth, your cheerfulness, and your confidence to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day inside the college/office. It must be contagious.

  1. Round of appreciation

It’s a great idea to play a game of appreciation since it’s the day of spreading happiness.If you are a small group, you can make a circle and ask people to say things about each person moving anti-clockwise.If the group is large, you can play it like fish pond where each person writes a few words of appreciation on a piece of paper and addresses it to the person he wants to appreciate.You can assign someone to hand over the appreciation notes to the person they are addresses to.If you want to keep it random, keep a table with cards and encourage everyone to send a note of appreciation for at least one person present.

  1. Have a “heart to heart” conversation contest

Valentine’s day celebration at your work could get more exciting if you play this game. In this game primarily the host and other organizers have to download and print easy conversation heart contest templates and customize for your workplace. Then print one sheet for every 5 people and cut out the words. After that, give each participant a stack of words and a box of conversation hearts, and coach them to write a sentence that uses as a minimum three conversation hearts! Award prizes for longest sentence, most appropriate to your workplace, sweetest, funniest, etc.

  1. Proposal game

Create a life-size figure of a Hollywood actress like Gal Gadot or Natalie Portman and Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth.Invite five girls and five boys form the audience to come up on stage and propose to their favorite actor/actress.Encourage them to sing songs, say filmy dialogues or whatever they like to impress the actress and give a prize to the best proposal.Expect a lot of laughs, and an entertaining session.

  1. Play Valentine-themed Pictionary or charades

Bring paper and pens and ask participants to submit titles of (again, work-appropriate!) love-related movies, songs, etc. Then play Pictionary or charades, awarding a prize to the winning team.

  1. Send Valentine’s cards and gifts or flowers to your co-workers and classmates

Whether it’s cheesy or not, as long as it can make them smile and brighten up their day, sending messages through cards or notes can be a great way to celebrate the Valentine with your co-workers or colleagues. One advantage of writing your message is that it can be kept for years. Just make sure that everyone got their messages and no one will feel unfair and insecure.

If you are in college you can totally buy some gifts to your classmates or teachers and surprise them by giving it. You don’t need to buy the most expensive flowers or gifts, you just need to make the giving heartily felt. And again, don’t forget to give everyone so that they may all feel the fairness and equality that are due to them. If you’re the boss again, you can also give them a gift in the form of early going out from the office. This will surely make them happy, especially those who have Valentine dates waiting for them. Employees can also do this as long as they have the money to spend. But as I said, it doesn’t need to be expensive.

  1. Paper dance

Paper dance has almost become a cult when it comes to couple games and it’s never a bad idea to play it!Use a peppy song and bring out the newspapers. Make pairs as per the comfort level of your office staff/college

  1. Ask and give forgiveness

Wouldn’t it be great to spend the Valentine’s Day without any guilt and hatred? It’s natural in the office that people will have differences. On February 14, this can be a great day to break those walls and start creating better relationship with your co-workers, whether they are your subordinates or your manager.

  1. Thank your co-workers and college friends

Extend your thanksgiving to your co-workers. Remember that they are all part of the team. If you’re the employer, remember that your employees are the reason why your business is running. If you’re an employee, also bear in mind that your boss and the job he provides are the reasons why you are generating income to cover your daily expenses. This act of gratitude can be done through words that are said, thoughts that are written, or actions that are accomplished.

So these are some of the fun loving activities you could totally conduct in your office or college or any other place this year and make yourself and your colleagues valentine’s day special and unforgettable.

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