Though Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th, the entire preceding week has reasons to celebrate love and romance. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and 14th February is celebrated as Teddy Day all over the world. Teddy Bear, a stuffed toy bear is a symbol of love since long ago and it brings out the cuteness in relationships. They are available in all sizes, colours and shapes and liked by people of all ages. Also they are the most anticipated gifts for Valentine’s Day. An interesting fact is that Teddy Bear was named after Theodore Roosevelt, former US president.


What are you waiting for? Get your girlfriend a cute Teddy Bear this Teddy Day or even can get her a life sized Teddy to express the great bonding of your relationship. Every girl likes Teddies and would love to fill their room with Teddy Bears. Even they can be gifted to your boyfriend and he feels the cuteness and warmth. Another hidden fact about Teddies is they improve the health of your dear one and helps them to relax. Researches have proved that these cuddly toys help one to relax and gain a better sleep. Many men and women prefer to have Teddy Bear by their side while sleeping. Along with them you can gift chocolates or cards to your Valentine. There are special combos perfectly suited for the Valentine week at


It would be memorable if you arrange colorful small Teddies in a beautiful basket and decorate it with flowers and ribbons. Instead of flower basket gift your wife a Teddy basket this Valentine’s week and this is surely going to be a memorable gift for your dear one. The soft and cuddly toy is a key part of affection and love. At you can find cute Teddy bouquets and many more like artificial flowers with a Teddy, Teddy bear holding a heart, scented bouquet with a Teddy, Teddy Bear ceramic coffee mug, Teddy Bear door hanger, Teddy with pen holder, Teddy Bear bracelets, musical Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear photo albums and cute little Teddies combo which are affordable. Now it’s tough to select one among them for your honey.

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During valentine season love, feelings and fun top the list of Valentines. The beauty of giving a Teddy this valentine week brings out on the spot affection between you and your girlfriend. Receiving a Teddy from you surely makes them feel special and loved. Selecting a right Teddy for your girl would be easy when you are better aware of her favourite colour and wishes. Make sure that it doesn’t resemble her existing collection of Teddies. They make a special gift to her even when you are miles away from your girl and she will feel the warmth of your love. Consider a gift that is definite to convey your love. They are practical gift ideas that actually carry your feelings and love. Besides you can find other gifts as well at such as personalised gifts, flowers, gadgets for the entire Valentine week. Pick your gift and wish your lady in cute manner. Happy Teddy Day to all!!

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