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To Look Article on the National Anthem of India, Here is some information on Independence Day. India has always been a favorite destination for foreign invaders since ancient times. If we look at our glorious past, it was Vasco da Gama who first found a sea route to India long back in 1498. This voyage opened the gates of India for the European invaders.

Indian Independence Day is celebrated annually on August 15 to commemorate India’s independence from British colonial control in 1947. This day signifies the conclusion of a protracted struggle for freedom led by numerous leaders and movements.

The national anthem of India is “Jana Gana Mana”. It was originally composed in Bengali by Rabindranath Tagore on 11 December 1911. The first stanza of the song Bharoto Bhagyo Bidhata in its Hindi translation by the Constituent Assembly of India as the National Anthem on 24 January 1950.

A formal rendition of the national anthem takes approximately 52 seconds. A shortened version consisting of the first and last lines (and taking about 20 seconds to play) is also staged occasionally.

Here are the lyrics of the Indian national anthem in Bengali and English:


  • Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak,
  • jaya he Bharata Bhagya Vidhata.
  • Pinaka Trinatani,
  • Tavo Shastra Sambharita,
  • Mamata Bhava Bhuvana Tribhavani,
  • Jaya he, Jaya he, Jaya he, Jaya jaya jaya, Jaya he.


  • Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people,
  • Dispenser of India’s destiny.
  • Thy name is mightier than the might of the tempest,
  • Thy arm is stronger than the arm of the ocean.
  • Thou art the hope of the oppressed,
  • The protector of the weak.
  • Glory to thee, glory to thee, glory to thee,
  • Victory, victory, victory to thee.

The Indian national anthem is a powerful and inspiring song that celebrates the diversity and unity of India. It is a reminder of the country’s rich history and culture, and its commitment to freedom and democracy.

The primary celebration takes place at the Red Fort in New Delhi, the capital city. The Indian Prime Minister raises the national flag and addresses the country. Thousands of people witness the event, which is broadcast live on television and radio.

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The British troops led by Robert Clive defeated the Bengal rulers at the Battle of Plassey in the year 1757. It was after this war, that the British enjoyed political powers in India. However, after the Battle of Buxar in 1765, the British got control over the states of Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa. And, while the British were strengthening their rule in the country, there was growing discontent amongst the Indians. They were ill-treated, tortured, and even by British officials. And this led to the start of the independence struggle in the country.

National Anthem of India

Jana-gana-mana-adhinayaka jaya he
Tava shubha name jage, tava shubha asisa mage,
gahe tava jaya-gatha.
Jana-gana-mangala-dayaka jaya he
Jaya he, Jaya he, Jaya he,
jaya jaya jaya, jaya he.

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