As we all know, India got its sovereignty and Independence from British Rule on 15th August, in the year 1947. Hence, we observe our Independence Day on the 15th of August every year without fail. We all are given a national holiday on this auspicious day. As we all know that liberty is not free. It took many years of efforts, peacefulness, and other progress by our nationalized freedom fighters to conquer Freedom. On the 15th of August, in the year 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru raised the tri-color national flag of India at Red Fort, located in Delhi. Independence Day is seen and observed with great zeal all over the country.

Happy Independence Day 2023

Happy Independence Day

Independence Day is also, celebrated at colleges, and schools; and teachers elucidate the importance of this auspicious day to their students. The school and college children go out with colorful parades particularly early in the morning. They sing the grandeur of India. The parade generally ends in Central Park in Delhi. There the celebration of the National Flag and the National anthem is sung in the choir. Everyone takes a new oath to serve up the country and to do the whole thing to uplift her magnificence.

The elders remember the sacrifices who forfeit their lives in the fight for freedom. They pay respect to the enormous leaders who suffered a lot to triumph over our freedom. This day also motivates us to follow the teaching of tranquility and non-violence that was taught by Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation.

This auspicious day reminds us of our sense of duty and accountability to the country. As the parade and meeting ends with a song, some sweet snacks are distributed among everyone. Then, people go to the slum area and give out food and clothes to the poor people. When they come back home they feel very contented and happy. The Indian Freedom Day is a day to rejoice in the country’s freedom after it was enlightened from the British majestic rule (on 15th August, in the year 1947) by our independent national leaders.

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Independence Day

15 Aug Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all

Independence Day to all

India was under British colonial rule for almost two hundred years. 15th August is a very exceptional day in the history of India. Freedom was attained, during powerful efforts, heroic struggles, and sacrifices of thousands of valuable lives, on 15th August, in the year 1947. For this reason, Independence Day is a day on which a new country (Free India) was born. Or, relatively, it is a day in which a country is accessible in its own right. We rejoice in our Liberty Day each year as the most valuable accomplishment of the country. But it’s true that to achieve a little, we need to lose something. So on the eve of freedom, the clash between Hindus and Muslims resulted in the creation of a new country named Pakistan. Freedom Day is celebrated in Pakistan on the 14th of August every year.

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Independence Day Status

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Independence Day Himachal Pradesh

Tricolour of tiranga Independence Day

15 Aug- Independence Day

15 Aug- Independence Day

Happy Independence Day (15 Aug)

Happy Independence Day


Schools, colleges, and other public organizations organize a function in which everyone takes to participate in honor of the great national freedom fighters. Independence Day shouldn’t be at any other holiday. As a responsible citizen, we have a lot of responsibilities to perform.

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