It is essential to establish the truth initially- if video marketing is the way forward to the future, then the future is here. You could be a first-timer, wondering if putting all your business resources into video marketing is the right move for sustained growth. This article will essentially help you to understand why video marketing makes sense in 2021.

Video Marketing Statistics

Additionally, you will also gain a comprehensive understanding of some of the key video marketing statistics from recent times. They might be numbers, but they will help you find relevance because the right time for video marketing is here.

Video Marketing: Your New Best Friend

Right before you take a deep dive into the many video marketing statistics and contexts, you must essentially glance at the types of video content you could develop to market your business online. More and more enterprises are using explainer videos to expand their online brand value.

You could also consider other popular types of video content such as vlogs (video blogs), video presentations, video interviews, tutorials, and product reviews. Now that you have some idea of the popular video content used on the internet, here’s some data on video marketing that will help you understand the market.

Internet Users Everywhere Enjoy Video Content

The one fact that remains unaffected and unaltered is that people are consuming video content now more than ever. A recent study stated that a massive 85% of all internet users in America finished online video content every month on any of their devices.

Additionally, a further breakdown tells that people aged25 to 34 years consumed the most online videos- with adult males spending 40% more time on the internet than females watching videos.

Demand For Video Content Is Increasing

Secondly, you must also realize that the online market demands video content to entertain the virtual audience. The new-age commercialization has proven that online video content has marketing potential. The same study has also confirmed that a rough 54% of consumers demand video content from their support brand or business.

This increasing demand for online video content means that industry influencers are proactively developing various digital content to meet this ever-rising need. Several industry experts and respondents to the survey have admitted that people are more likely to consume video content since they pay more attention to them. One cannot simply skip them to move onto something else- which is often the case for text or audio content online.

Video As a Powerful Marketing Tool

If you are new to online video marketing, you must realize that now is the time to adapt to this distinctive marketing approach to reap better rewards. This is primarily why more and more enterprises are revising their online marketing efforts to include video content as part of their digital marketing strategy. You must ensure that you are not missing out on the many opportunities that video content providers have.

There’s no surprise that marketing professionals show more reliance on video as an effective marketing tool, especially given the increasing demand for video content online. They essentially trust in the untapped potential of video content to boost their user engagement and increase brand trust.

Consumers Love Seeing Videos on Social Media

The truth of the hour is that online users are increasingly consuming video on every platform. You have multiple platforms online that cater to this particular type of audience- YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit. Even the corporates have realized that online video content is the most effective and popular content choice for most people on the internet.

This is further backed by the State of Social Video Marketer Trends report earlier in the year, which stated that a massive 73% of consumers have admitted to being influenced by a brand’s social media presence with their video content when making a purchasing decision.

Video Marketing = Profit

Additionally, one cannot discuss marketing without bringing return on investment to the fore. Statistically speaking, 88% of video marketers have expressed their satisfaction with the return on investment of their video marketing efforts on various social media platforms. The same report also establishes that 80% of the video content creators have received an overwhelming return on investment on video advertisement posts.

When it comes to the corporate juggernauts, they use video marketing to boost their sales, develop brand awareness and trust, reach out to potential customers and keep their current customers informed. They are increasingly inclining towards video marketing since its potential for explaining everything in a universally accepted format — the visual format.

Video Marketing As a Lead Generation Channel

According to many experts and analysts, online video marketers receive a massive 66% more qualified leads annually. They also admitted that video marketers achieved a rough 54% boost in brand awareness. Furthermore, 93% of them have expressed that they landed a new customer after implementing video marketing to their social media channels. One can essentially credit this high quality of leads to the education that video brings.

Moreover, video marketing contributes to educating the customers about the companies and brands through engaging interactive visuals and gaining their trust. If you process the statistics with relevant context, you will find it pointless to second-guess the benefits of video marketing for business. It’s safe to say that video marketing is a rewarding and effective way to expand your business and customer base online- be it now or in the future.


In conclusion, it only fits to admit that video marketing has essentially benefitted many small business and large-scale businesses online- and there are enough statistics and studies available to back the claim in 2021. Here’s hoping that this write-up has successfully shed some light on the true potential and efficiency of video marketing in the ecommerce business.

Additionally, if you are thinking about joining forces with video marketing for your business, you could do it without even breaking the bank. Simply put, small-scale companies are also exploiting the benefits of video marketing by taking an innovative approach.

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