Independence Day brings a lot of memories about the great leaders who laid down their lives for the freedom of all Indians. ‘Des mere Des mere, meri jaan hai tu….’ ‘Yeh dunia ek dulhan….’ and songs like these invoke a patriotic feeling. We might not have been born in that era but can relate their commitment to the country. Usually Independence Day Celebrations in your Office, at schools, colleges, and government offices. But guys even though we work in companies which may not be even Indian the spirit of being Indian should never dwindle.

It’s not a big deal to plan 15th August Independence Day. If you feel that Independence Day 2023 should be in your office, don’t worry we can help you. There can be nothing less than 10 ideas that I can give you.


1. First and foremost thing is to decorate the office in rich yet sober tri-colored balloons, ribbons, or flowers. This will bring the feel of nationalism and the atmosphere will reflect a kind of national feeling.


2. You will surely have employees from various states. How about dressing in the attire of a national leader/ freedom fighter!

national leader- freedom fighter-Independence Day

3. There can be a line or two said by him/her in order not to sound too kid-like fancy dress competition.

Independence Day kid-like fancy dress competition

4. By means of the audio system available in the office play some great speeches from the pre-independence era. Later on the same can play quizzes. The speeches can also make a good background for voice greeting cards. These cards can be amongst the employees or even sent to various customers or related companies and the like.

5. Play a quiz where in questions based on the lives of great leaders can be asked. Alternatively, Chronology based questions on freedom struggle will test everyone’s childhood knowledge. The winner though can be presented some mementos which can be books on famous personalities or some customized items.

india Independence Day quiz-wordsearch-answers

6. After the somber celebration, the office staff can go out in a procession to spread awareness about prevailing problems in the society. also, If procession are not possible then some place can be visited which is not often visited by any one.

india Independence Day somber celebration

7. Members of the office can go to some orphanage, blind schools, destitute homes, deaf and dumb schools or hostels. However, These underprivileged people will with your efforts show there is someone in the society with them. You can also carry some personalized gifts to them. Some warm words can be written and if you wish can emboss the office’s name or logo.

india Independence Day personalized gifts mugs

8. There are a number of ways to show you care. If physical involvement is not possible you always can give a help in cash. Donate something to NGOs who work for the betterment of others. You also can donate some good clothes, bags, toys, and the like.

india Independence Day Donate something to NGOs

9. If you or your colleagues personally know a freedom fighter or their family members, you can invite them to your office. Have them talk about their freedom struggle days and how life has changed since then! It will be motivating for others, especially in bigger companies with foreign staff, to know how our country has progressed in these years.


10. One of the best ways to celebrate Independence Day 2023 is by inviting under privileged people for some party in the office.

However, You can have all goodies to eat and have a dance party later on! You must all make sure to educate them about India’s freedom times and how we have progressed in all these years!

Top 10 Ideas for Independence Day celebrations in your Office-school-2015

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