Hello Graco Clients! Are you thinking about replacing the Graco pump? So no worries at all because in this blog we will explain deeply about the Graco replacement pump. In this blog, we’ve put together useful knowledge on replacing Graco Sprayer pumps. In this blog, we will explore in simple terms how to change the pump in Ultra Max and Ultra Handheld sprayers, how to disassemble parts from airless sprayers, what equipment to use, and which pumps you should use for each sprayer. We’re confident you will get complete knowledge from this blog. So join us if you are a Graco user.

Graco Pump

Why Does Your Sprayer Need a Graco Replacement Pump?

What are the advantages of changing the pump? The answer is because the pump is a single element, merely changing it results in an altogether new unit that is ready to work at peak efficiency. The pumps have a 200L cycle and Graco suggests replacing them after this cycle. Instead of discarding the gun after this cycle, simply replace the pump and continue spraying!

How Will You Change The Pump On The Sprayer?

Graco provides a one-year guarantee in which they will replace any faulty or broken parts – however, you can replace the pump at any time. To open the cover, all you need is a Phillips screwdriver and a strong source of light to see what you’re doing, especially if you’re working in a garage or other dark, confined location.

Precautionary Measures

When changing the pump on your portable device, there are three things to keep in mind. And these are important to remember when you should replace the pump yourself.

  1. Never turn the brass gear of the pump because it may result in pump damage. The second point you want to convey is
  2. Make certain that there is no fluid or liquid within the machine.
  3. And finally, you need to make sure it’s turned off. There is no electricity and no supplies.

Exploring Different Graco Sprayers And Graco Replacement Pumps

We will explain replacing the pump in Ultra Max and Ultra Handheld Sprayers. There is a variety of sprayers and one of them is the handheld sprayers. But, what is the point of utilizing a corded handheld sprayer?  For exteriors and scaffolding, corded handheld sprayers are quite popular. Meanwhile, a battery-powered handheld is ideal for painting ceilings. You can easily reach into tight corners and then cover the remainder of the ceiling with a paint roller and an extension pole. Still confused about the distinctions between the models? Don’t worry, we will explain it all.

1. Ultra Max Sprayer And Its Replacement Pump

The Ultra Max is great for fine finishes and surfaces like window frames and skirting boards. It is particularly useful since it may employ both water-based and oil-based paints, such as primer and enamels, to get a high gloss finish. Even more amazing is its ability to work with hot solvents such as solvent-based lacquer. It delivers a smooth and uniform finish with no thinning and coverage in a single coat, regardless of hand pace.

  • Graco Triax II Triple Piston Pump Range

The Triax triple piston pump provides the most dependable performance in the market as well as comprehensive tip support. It is made of long-lasting stainless steel and carbide components and is fused with a high-strength polymer to create the most robust, lightweight pump. Drop-in on-the-job innovation Triax Pump Replacement with ProConnect allows you to change your modular pump while you’re still on the job. So this is the most preferred Graco replacement pump.

2. Ultra Airless Handheld

The Ultra Airless Handheld can spray both water-based and oil-based paints. If you’re searching for a tool to help you do minor work fast, you’ve come to the right place! They are also extremely portable due to their minimal weight and ease of transport. This variant, unlike the Ultra Max, is not certified for solvents or other flammable compounds. The Ultra Max has extra earthing and improved components that make it solvent-compatible. Overall, they are comparable in terms of usefulness and power.

  • Graco Endurance Pump

It is also best known as Graco Pump Replacement. The one-part repair method eliminates downtime. The ability to change a pump quickly on the job site might be the difference between a productive day of spraying and one wasted waiting for replacement parts or driving your sprayer to be repaired. Pump changes are quick and uncomplicated using Graco’s ProConnectTM Pump Removal System. The pump on Graco’s small and medium electric sprayers may be removed in three simple steps.


In conclusion, Graco replacement pumps are really crucial for Graco clients. If you need to have your project completed in very less time then you should be aware of the pros and cons of it. You should follow the precautionary measures we have shared. If you do not follow the precautionary measures then your pump may get damaged. Ultimately the result will be a break in the continuity of your project. There is a huge variety of Graco sprayers and their replacement pumps. You should be familiar with different sprayers. We have explained different sprayers and their pumps accordingly. Graco is a big name and they make your projects get completed in a successful manner. So that’s why they have left no option for your project to stop or have a longer break. There are unlimited accessories that make your task easier.

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