According to the story, Lord Shiva the God of resolution was away at a war. His wife Parvati, wanted to bathe and had no one to guard the door of her house so she created a son out of the sandalwood paste that she used for her bath and breathed life into the figure. She then told him to guard the door and instructed him not to let anyone enter. Click Here for {Latest} Lord HD Ganesh Chaturthi Wallpapers Wishes, Images, Photos Free

“On this occasion of Vinayaki Chaturthi…May Lord Ganesha bring you good luck and prosperity. Wish you all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!”

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Celebration Activities:

  • Puja Ceremony: Organize a puja ceremony led by a knowledgeable colleague or a priest, where everyone can participate by offering prayers and seeking blessings.
  • Aarti and Chants: Conduct an aarti and encourage everyone to participate by singing bhajans and chanting prayers.
  • Ganesh Aesthetics: Explain the significance of Ganesh Chaturthi and the symbolism of Lord Ganesha’s attributes to the attendees.

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Bhagwan Shri Ganesh Ki Kripa Bani Rahe Aap pe Har Dam…Har Karya Mein Safalta Mile…Jivan Main Na Aaye Koi Gam…Ganesh Chaturthi Ki Hardik Shubkamnaye!


“Gajanana Shri Ganaraya…Aadhi Vandu Tujha Moraya…Wish you all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi…Ganpati Bappa Moraya…Managal Murti Moraya.”

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Dil se jo bhi mangoge milega…ye ganesh ji ka darbar hai…Devo ke dev – Vakratunda Mahakay ko apne har ek bhat se pyar hai…Ganesh Chaturthi ki hardik Shub Kamnaye!

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“Sukh Karta Jai Morya…Dukh Harta Jai Morya…Krupa Sindhu Jai Morya…Buddhi Vidhata Jai Morya…Ganpati Bappa Morya…Mangal Murti Moraya…Ganesh Chaturthi ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye!”


“Ganesh Ki Jyoti Se Noor Milta Hai…Sabke Diloko Surur Milta Hai…Jobhi Jaata Hai Ganesha Ke Dwaar…Kuch na Kuch Zarror Milta Hai…Sare Ganesh Bhakto Ko Ganesh Chaturthi Ki Hardik Shubhkamaye…”



Ganesh Idol: Arrange for a Ganesh idol for the puja. You can opt for a small eco-friendly idol to ensure environmental sustainability.

Decorations: Decorate the office space with traditional items like rangoli, flowers, and colorful drapes to create a festive ambiance.

“Ganesh Chaturthi is the time when family and friends get together to worship Lord Ganesh with love, faith and devotion. May this festival bring to your family laughter and fun to cheer your days. Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous Ganesh Festival!”


Wishing you
Lots of happiness and Lord Ganesha’s Blessings on the auspicious occasion of
“Ganesh Chathruti”.
Enjoy the festival
Advance Ganesh Chathruti wishes


I heartily wish Lord Ganesha filled your home with prosperity and fortune. Best wishes on Ganesh Chatrurthi!


चत्वार्यस्य च रुपाणि चतुर्षु च युगेषु च ।
कृते दशभुजो नाम्ना विनायक इति शृत: ।।
त्रेतायुगे शुक्लवर्णो षड्भुजोसौ मयूरराट् ।
सिन्धुं हत्वापालयत्सः अवतीर्य स्वालये प्रिये।।


May the husband of ‘Riddhi’ and ‘Siddhi’ bless the husbands of all ‘Ziddis’. Have a blessed Ganesh Chaturthi!


Wishing you:
Happiness as big as Ganesha’s appetite;
Life is long as His trunk;
Troubles as small as His mouse;
And moments as sweet as His Laddus.
Warm wishes on Ganesh Chaturthi!

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Here are some additional ideas for celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi in your office:

  • Hold a workshop on Indian culture. This could include a discussion of Ganesha, Indian food, or Indian dance. It is a great way to learn more about Indian culture and to share that knowledge with your colleagues.
  • Host a guest speaker. This could be someone who is knowledgeable about Ganesha or Indian culture. It is a great way to learn more about the subject and to get some insights from an expert.
  • Volunteer your time at a local Indian community organization. This is a great way to give back to the community and to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in a meaningful way.

I hope these ideas help you to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in your office.

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