Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most exciting and gripping games in the market. It comes with a much better visual experience and extensive environments for the gamers to feel alive. In addition, the entire multiplayer shooting game offers 6 unique and strong characters. Each character specializes in a different area and possesses incredible skills.

Rainbow Six Siege Like a Pro

The Six Siege characters are called operators in the game. There are defense, combat, and strategic operators. You need to choose the best weapons and tools and utilize their entire skills. The game offers shorter and smaller maps of destructible environments as well.

It would be challenging to venture into the game without being aware of the operators and their strengths. Well, if you are still struggling to beat the opponents, go for r6s cheats to make your way into the extensive surveillance.

Here are the top 6 tips to ace the game!

1. Create an evolving strategy:

When it comes to Six Siege, there is no fixed strategy in the game. Hence, you need to devise unique tactics and ideas to play the game. You have to adapt to the situation and come up with instant ideas to blast the enemies into pieces. Communication among the players is the key, so make sure to leave room to keep changing the plans according to the environment.

2. Time is the key

Play your time in the right way. Sometimes attacking in the last few seconds can change the entire scorecard. Distribute your time and strategize your attack in the precise moment of weakness. It’s okay to lose one life, but it’s vital to win as a team. Be patient to lure the enemies into your traps and not run into the open and be their victim. Keep your eyes on the clock and pull the attacks on your opponents.

3. Know your environment

The best way to win the game is by using every variable on the map. The variables can be broken windows, ceilings, small holes in the walls, anything. Be aware of the entire map and play cat and mouse with the opponent.

This way, it is easy to divide and attack the enemies. Never give an open opportunity or an angle for the enemies to sneak into you. Instead, be the one who sneaks and finish off with a silencer. 

4. Choose the right operator

Since it’s a multiplayer game, you need to understand your potential before selecting your operator. Every operator plays a crucial role in winning the game. If you are good at shooting, go for Twitch and Glaz. The armor expert can pick Rook and Jager for the defense. If you lay traps and mines, pick Kapkan or Tachanka. Choose your operators based on what you are good at. This way, the team can win together.

5. Expand your perimeter

Never confine all your strong players to a single room. Keep them close but far enough to give you a vantage point and confuse the enemies. If all the defenders are in one place, it is easier for the opponents to eliminate them with mines and grenades in one go.

To avoid a dangerous situation, it is vital to mix your operators and keep space. Spread out and close in on your opponents into a larger box and surprise attack from all sides. In this manner, you provide extra defense and also gain more leverage on the enemies.

6. Divide the drones

It is essential to understand your map and realize your enemy’s stand. There will be five drones, and you should spread all five to different points and cover the maximum perimeter. While finding your enemies, also fix points to take cover and strategize how and where you can sneak in on the enemies. Use your drones efficiently as long as they last.


Rainbow Six Siege is an exhilarating game and gives you a thrilling experience. You need to know the right way to defeat your enemies and win as a team.

Learn your operators and gather their skills to utilize to their fullest. Never hesitate to think of new plans in changing maps and environments. Keep the thrill going. Well, now you have the tips, start playing the game to ace it!

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