Christmas is a time that brings out the happiness in most people. The meaning, the lights, the gifts, the reason for the celebration is beautiful. But, let’s be candid, it can be hectic as well. Sometimes you can feel the happiness being sucked right out of you due to the pressure that comes with the season. So why not slice loose a bit, play few games, and spend time making each other giggle. If that sounds like an exciting idea just check out some of these top 10 Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas

Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas

Funny Christmas Party Game Ideas

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Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs: One of the oldest and funniest games of all time. With fewer chairs arranged in a row for people, a short clip of music is played while all the participants should move around the room. All the chairs should be placed in the middle of the room and all facing back on the wall. When the music stops everyone have to sit on a vacant chair. (Note: Only one person per chair) The person who doesn’t find a vacant chair will be considered ‘out’. One chair is taken away and the game will continue till only one person is left and the last person becomes the WINNER. Isn’t it exciting?

Musical Chairs-games

Winking Murder

All apart from the detective sit in a ring while the detective waits at the outer surface. One individual from the ring is chosen to be the murderer and the Detective is called to stand in the ring. When he is all set, the Murderer will have to winks at people in the circle. Anybody who sees that they have been winked at lets out a blood-curdling shout and dies. The Detective will get only three attempts to guess the murderer. Scary isn’t it? But I guess its funny too, try it with your friends and loved once.

Winking Murder-game

Pass the Orange

In this particular game you need 8 people to stand in a line, one after the other (one boy and one girl in a line) Give every team an orange which the first individual should place under his chin. This should be passed to the individual after. When the orange gets to the last individual, they need to come to the front of the line and have to start the game again. The winning team is the former one which gets their starting individual to the front again.

Pass the Orange-game


Apart from these games you can always play contest as a game. Like some interesting quiz for all or you can always conduct a caroling contest, the winner can be honored with a flower bouquet or a certificate from the organizer.


Other games which you can include are:

  • Marshmallow Mouth
  • Santa Hat game
  • Naming of a candy
  • Celebrity names
  • Xmas present games
  • Pass the small object

We hope these above given funny games will definitely add spark to your celebration.

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