Data science is a technology which uses the data of a user in an efficient manner. The companies are approaching this technology to make their business productive. Data science has many applications. It receives data from the user and process it in a very efficient manner which gives an optimal solution.

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The new technologies are becoming more data oriented. As people exchange their data on a regular basis, our data needs to be highly secure. Data science is the only technology which deals with a data driven approach. It manages the user’s data in a proper and secured way. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, mathematics, computer science, statistics are some technologies and concepts which are used by data science. The need of data science training in bangalore is growing immensely. It is very important to manage the data of the consumer in an organized way.


We have seen many electronic machines which have an automated system. Artificial intelligence is a technique of data science which is used to make electronic machines which will work according to their decisions rather than a human being’s decision. This technique is mainly implemented in machines to make them work like a human being. Scientists are working on robots which will think like a human being. The Self driving cars are an example of machine learning. They drive automatically without a human’s action. Artificial intelligence is a very important technique of data science. Because of such techniques, data science is growing immensely in the technical industry.


Machine learning is also a technique of data science. It is a technique in which data is given to the machine and then the machine learns from that data. By saying learning from data, we mean that the machine takes the data from the user and works on that particular data. Machine learning uses artificial intelligence for the same. However, machine learning and artificial intelligence are two different things. Artificial intelligence makes the machine intelligent enough to think on its own. Machine learning is a technique in which data is given to the machine and it works on it. One example of machine learning technique is face recognition. When we purchase a new mobile phone, in security settings we have an option for the face recognition lock. When we activate the lock, it scans our face (collects data) and use it for verification whenever anyone tries to unlock our mobile phone. In this way, data science provides security by using user’s data. So, machine learning and artificial intelligence are some important techniques and concepts of data science technology.


Data science uses many programming languages, but the topmost language it uses is python. R, Java, Scala, C++. Asides python, it prefers the other programming languages mentioned. Data science prefers python programming language because it is very simple for coding. Python is an unformatted and an object-oriented programming language. It doesn’t need any syntax for writing code. There are plenty of functions available in this programming language. So, anyone who is seeking a future in data science should learn the python programming language for sure.


Internet searching

Voice recognition

Face recognition

To detect frauds in finance companies

Digital marketing

Gaming etc.


Data science is emerging very rapidly in the technical industry. There is a good future in data science. People and companies are becoming more data oriented because technologies are becoming data oriented. Data science is a good career option. There would be more demand for data scientists in the upcoming time.

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