Wood rots due to a fungus that sets into the wood, to destroy it. It may be just as damaging as termite infestation and can cause lots of problems for wood windows. Wood rots when it is not maintained either with paint, caulk or glazing. In many cases you will be able to stop the wood rot before it settles and spreads. It is very important that you repair rotten window frames as soon as possible. You are advised to find all the problematic areas first; locate all the rot spots on your wood window. Sometimes rot can be camouflaged by paint, but you can check it by pressing your fingernail all over the window sill. Areas that are affected will be soft and your nail will penetrate through.

Why wood windows rot and why repair them

How can wood windows be repaired?

There are many ways to repair wood windows before it has gotten the chance to spread. These include:

Durham’s Water Putty – You will only need to mix water with this powder and it will repair damaged wood when it is applied in the correct way. The product is easy to use and cost effective in treating rot at the early stages.

Replacement – There are some instances where the affected wood must rather be cut off. You can proceed to cut the damaged section and cut a piece of treated wood in the same shape. Thereafter, glue the new piece to the frame using a good adhesive.

It is important to remove all the rot before you begin doing repairs. You can do this by using a hammer and chisel. You will then need to clean the area well, with a paint brush. Clear out all debris. Next you should either use putty or fix in your replacement piece as mentioned above. Another option is to use wood filler. Once the area has totally dried, it must be sandpapered. Once this is done, you may proceed to paint the area. If wood has been damaged due to weather conditions, you should use epoxy wood filler.  Alternatively, you may contact your local contractor to assist you with repairs.

The average lifespan for home windows is 15-20 years however, if your wood is well-maintained, it could last much longer. You are advised to begin replacing windows nonetheless, after 20 years, especially if:

  • High energy bills and drafts in the house due to damaged windows
  • Your window has air leaks, floods and total window failure
  • Your window frames are rotten or warped, wood windows generally have this issue
  • Difficulty opening and closing your windows

When you replace your home windows you will enjoy many benefits like:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Comfort at home as air leaks are filled
  • Safety since rotten wood windows aren’t very secure
  • You can add more value to your home simply by replacing your windows, especially if you are selling or plan to sell soon.

It is important to check wood windows often and make repairs as soon as the need arises.

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