The most beloved deity is the one whose vehicle does not match his body and who does not have the appearance of the other gods. Ganesha is a friend to all people. You can readily depict him with only a few lines. Lord Ganesha is my favorite deity, along with Sakha and bandhu.

Why We Must Worship Lord Ganesha

There are many legends about Ganesha, including tales about his birth, his devotion to his parents, and his designation as the leader of the Ganas or army. The unusual explanation for how he acquired the elephant cranium is quite fascinating. We cannot, however, envision our dear little God with any other head. It is believed that he is the most significant god and that he should be worshiped before all others.

Worship Lord Ganesha

I recall the following explanation for why Ganesha is worshipped first. Once, all gods in paradise were unable to determine who was the most revered of them all. It turned into a heated debate, and they desired an accurate representation. The vacant position was then filled through a contest.

The competition was as follows: whoever circum navigated the three continents would Ganadhipati. The other gods departed, but our diminutive deity, whose body is disproportionate and whose vehicle resembles a mouse, was despondent. He knew he had no chance of succeeding. But we do have Naradamuni, who gave Ganesha a guru mantra.

Ganesha was the first to manifest everywhere, while the other gods were still on their way. At the conclusion of the race, Brahma questioned Ganesha about the miraculous occurrence. Ganesha responded that he had circumnavigated his parents Shiva and Parvati three times because their parents are their entire universe. He also stated that the entire universe lies at their feet, so performing pradakshina around them is equivalent to circumnavigating the globe. This impressed the gods, who bestowed upon him the Ganadhipathi.

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There are stories about why he heads the army. I want to share it with you. I heard this story where Shiva was to announce the head of the army. The younger son of Shiva was of the view that he title only because he was more powerful than Ganesha. But here too Ganesha wins over Kartikeya by wit and not power. This episode showed that it is not always Strength but Intelligence that works. Well, rest as you know he was made the head of Ganas.


The God who loves Modak, and mesmerizes with his appearance and blesses one and all with good things in life is Ganesha. Do you know that an idol which has the trunk turned towards its right is suitable for worship? As his birth is with earthly material, the idol preferably be made of mud clay. Also his favorite Modak, is symbolic of good luck. The durva( grass) with 3 or 5 veins as ganesha to have conquered all the three lokas and is the guard of these.

Ganesha Puja

I can tell you volumes about Ganesha as I have heard so many from my grandmother. The legends about this adorable lord are aplenty. In any case, it is important that we worship with dedication.

Here are some of the benefits of worshipping Lord Ganesha:

  • Ganesha can help you to overcome obstacles.

If you are facing a challenge in your life, Ganesha can help you to find a solution. He can also help you to stay focused and motivated on your goals.

  • Ganesha can help you to gain wisdom.

Ganesha is the god of wisdom, and he can help you to make wise decisions in your life. He can also help you to understand your true purpose in life.

  • Ganesha can help you to attract wealth and abundance.

Ganesha is the god of prosperity, and he can help you to attract financial success. He can also help you to manage your money wisely.

  • Ganesha can help you to attract positive energy and opportunities.

Ganesha is a symbol of auspiciousness, and he can help you to attract positive energy and opportunities into your life. He can also help you to stay positive and optimistic, even in difficult times.

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