A new trend is gaining popularity and momentum which is the half birthday celebration. It is getting among childrens as well as adults. People love to celebrate and enjoy and half birthday celebration is yet another trend. Celebrating half birthdays is a good occasion for children who have birthdays in summer holidays and they want to celebrate with their school friends. It is not possible for them to celebrate their birthday therefore celebrating half birthday is an opportunity for them to celebrate their birthdays with friends. Before planning the party, the child’s half birthday should exactly be known and can be calculated with a half birthday calculator. It is an online tool provided by which tells when is my half birthday and any one half birthday can be known by entering the exact birthday date.

Half birthday celebration trend gaining popularity

There are many interesting ideas to celebrate a child ‘s birthday. Parents have lots of plans about their child celebrating every minor event in life. But parenting is a responsible job and can change life completely. Here are few reasons why people love to celebrate half birthdays

Capture picture worthy moments:

Babies change in six months dramatically and it is different in 8 or 12 years old. To make memories for them, 6 month birthday celebrations are becoming a trend. You can make lots of memories of the baby by clicking tons of photos cutting half a birthday cake. Their pictures can be uploaded online and they will be amused to see their memories when they grow up. A half birthday calculator is a way to know the exact date of a half birthday.

You have a summer baby:

Children having birthdays between June and August miss their birthday celebration as schools are off and often families went on vacation to enjoy their trips. They miss their celebration with their school friends. A half birthday celebration can be celebrated by those children with friends. It is an opportunity for children to feel special about themselves and celebrate half birthdays with their friends.

Being a new parent:

For new parents, celebrating a child every moment is a dream for them. In Fact some parents celebrate their child’s birthday until they are one year old. They make memories of their child. Celebrating half birthdays is an attraction for new parents and it is a trend and people follow trends so quickly. With the help of a half birthday calculator you know the exact date of the birthday celebration and can plan a party according to it.

Sentimental values:

We all are led by emotions and celebrating events is necessary in life ,gives us pleasure. Celebrating half birthdays is a symbol of appreciating and celebrating life. There are many values behind celebrating every half birthday which makes it more special.

–  Cuttiēng half birthday cake:

Celebrating a 6 month birthday is a way to welcome the children in this world and appreciate the six months of togetherness. Special half cakes are designed to show the half birthday of a child. The cake justifies the reason for celebration and is trending too.


Some people like to celebrate half birthdays to keep it small but some throw a heavy party for celebration. Before organizing a half birthday party, find out the exact half birthday date with the half birthday calculator.   It is a new trend in society and people are following them. You can take an idea of half celebration , one at home and one celebration somewhere outside.

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