Nothing really compares to the love and care of parents to their children. We owe them very much in everything from the very moment of our conception down to their last breathe. For our parents, we, as their children, are the most precious gift for them. They would do anything and everything just to provide for our needs and make us happy. As parents would always say when they are reaching the old age that they can only die peacefully once they see their children reaching success. As a response, how do we repay to their love? Although it is not our obligation as children to return whatever our parents have done for us, likewise, out of love and care we wanted to express it also.

Hands holding a piggy bank and a house model

            In relation to this, what could be the best present we can give to our parents? Many might be thinking of a travel package, a car, a shopping spree, or anything luxurious or recreational. But, as we know, our parents are not getting any younger. As they mature in age, most of their physical, as well as cognitive faculties are gradual to rapidly declining. Once they reach a certain age, they can no longer do those things. In other words, what they need is something that would cater to them as they grow older and older.  Hence, a new house is what they need which you can make as a good gift to them. So, here are some reasons why a house and lot is a good gift to your parents.

            First, it is now affordable to get new houses for realty dealers. You just need to have FHA loan requirements complete and you can process the financing of the said house. You can also look for USDA homes for sale with low interest rates if your parents want to settle in rural areas. Gone are the days when most people thought that you need to win in a lottery just to buy a new house. In contrast, you just need a good credit rating and positive credit report to qualify in the loan grant.

Consequently, these affordable houses are just fitting for our parents. They are not like huge mansions because they do not need it. With their declining abilities, it would be difficult for them to be climbing stairs and roaming around big houses. Rather, comfy houses with complete types of furniture and appliances would just be enough for them to enjoy their moments together as old couples.

Furthermore, houses like this which are intended for parents to spend the rest of their life enjoying it. It is not anymore considered a liability that produces no income. Besides, our parents, at the age of retirement, do not need to work. But, of course, they have to continue to do something in order to avoid rushing up their decline and maintaining the sharpness of their minds.

Meanwhile, having a place like this for our parents is something good to look forward especially when we establish our own families. We will have our own children and our parents would be glad enough to be visited by their grandchildren. Of course, they like to have it in their own home which you have given. Thus, they, as grandparents, would have something good to share and brag about us particularly with their grandchildren who are our children. It would be a good role model for our children to express their love to us as parents when we also reach old age. It is quite fascinating and interesting if such an act of kindness will be passed down to the next generations.

Finally, house and lot as a gift for our parents is really a classically good gift because through this, we let our parents know how much we care for them. Our parents really treasure so much everything we offer them because we are their own reflection, own flesh and blood. Thus, it prevents them from joining the saddening reality that some people who reach the old age have been admitted to institutions for geriatric patients. Though this facility is intended for them, it is extremely disappointing on our part seeing our parents being treated like they do not have a real family. It would not be so long before they leave this present life stage thus, make the most out of it while they are still alive. Love them with all you can until they can still appreciate it. It would regreting on our to express this gesture of love when they cannot anymore experience what we want them to when they are already gone.

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