In this world of realm of modern communication the demand for the efficient and the Secure data transmission is generally paramount the session model controller have the emerge as crucial component in order to ensure the integrity as well as the security of the real time communication particularly in the world of the voice over internal protocol and the unified communication Harvard the evolution of the technology has been introduced a very new player in this era and the session model controller as a service in this article we will try to explore what is SBCaas and its significance how it is very evolutionary communication service.

What is SBCaaS

 In the today’s interconnected world of the communication is at the very heart of the business operation with the Rise of the voice over internet protocol and the unified communication it has been a mod before driving into the world that is graph the concept of the session border controller the SBR are the network devices that will act as a intermediate between the different communication network and the also play a very important role in ensuring the smooth flow of the voice video as well as the data traffic while providing the security features such as the firewall protection inscription and the excess control the SVC also helps with the protocol translation and the resolution of the interoperation issues between the different communication systems

Understanding the traditional SBC

Before diving into the  it’s very important to understand the traditional session border controller and SBC is a network device that will site at the border of an enterprise network acting as a very gatekeeper for the voice as well as the data traffic it’s the primary function which include the call control security and the efficient routing of communication SBC can play a very crucial role in generally protecting the integrity of the voice and the video communication by easily managing the signal as well as the media stream performing the protocol translation as well as applying the security measures

The birth of SBCaaS 

As the cloud computing Era is gained at the very great prominence the concept of the driving session border controller functionality as a very specific has been moved the session model controller as a service will takes the core capabilities on the traditional  and can make them available for the clouds instant of investing in the physical hardware as well as managing on the premises the SBC can organisation can now leaving the SBC functionality through a very cloud based services

Need of SBCaaS

The traditional  are physical appliances that will require the significant capital investment and a very ongoing maintenance they are often challenging in order to scale and might not a line with the flexibility and the cost effectiveness demanded by the modern businesses

It is a cloud base service that will offer the functionality of the traditional SBC without the need for any permission hardware here are some of the key advantage that make it a very attractive option

Key advantage of SBCaaS

Cost efficiency

The limitation the need for the capital expenditure on the hardware can easily reduce the complexity of managing as well as maintaining the physical  business can easily enjoy the cost saving while still benefiting from the robust of SBC functionality


The services are generally scalable; organisations can easily adjust their capability based on the changing communication needs whether they evolve adding the new lines or just adjusting the security setting.


It’s Austin provides the flexible pricing models as well as the service plants that will easily Cathedral to the specific needs of the businesses this capability along the organisation to customise their SBC service in order to suit their requirement Rapid development

Developing a very traditional SBC can be a very time consuming process in contrast to it can set a very quickly reducing the time to the market for the new communication services and the features

Enhanced security

It always provide a very typically implement security measure to safeguard the communication this include the inscription authentication and detection system it also ensure the integrity as well as the privacy of the voice and the data traffic

Geographical redundancy

Many of its provide and offer a multiple data centre in the very different geographical location which will enhance the reduced density and will also ensured the high availability for the critical communication

Use cases of SBCaaS

It always find the application all across the various Industries as well as the scenarios which include :

  • Unified communication it always ensure and Secure and efficient communication within the UC platform facilitating the collaboration and the remote work
  • Volp service providers always enable the service in order to provide and expand their offering to ensure the quality as well as the security for their customer.
  • Contact centre it always helps the contact sent to manage the larger volume of the inbound and the outbound calls securely as well as efficiently.
  • Remote work within the Rise of the remote work it always insure and Secure the access to the enterprise communication resources starting from anywhere.


In this rapidly evolving landscape of the communication technology it has been emerged as a very powerful solution in order to meet the demands of the secure as well as the efficient data transmission by just delivering the session border controller functionality the cloud organisation can easily enjoy the cost saving scalability the flexibility as well as it also enhance the security as the world continue to increase the cloud base services it is generally the gto play a very vital role in shaping the future of the communication.

Session border controller as a service is very transforming the wave business approach communication security as well as the reliability by leaving the cloud base solution as well as the organisation can easily insure their communication network as well as the security stability as last flexibility while reducing the cost as the demand for it is increasing day by day and the service continue to grow the  SBCaa s is poses to play a very vital role in shaping the future and Secure and efficient communication.

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