If you’re a pet owner, you’re most likely already aware of how much nuisance fleas can be. However, fleas attack both pets and humans, so they’re annoying either way. The problem with fleas is that once they affect a particular area, they are hard to get out. If you’re tired of always whipping out the flea spray at any little sign of fleas, this will be helpful to you.

Insects Eat Fleas

There are insects that eat fleas, and introducing them to a place that has flea infestation will help with the flea population. Yes, there are insects that will eat other insects; it’s a bug eat bug world. Here are some insects that eat fleas:


Ladybugs are part of the beetle family.  The diet of ladybugs is made up of insects, and it is even said that they eat over 4,000 insects in their lifetime. Ladybugs feed on insects such as fleas, mealy bugs, mites, etc.  A grown ladybug will eat over 30 insects daily, so yes, your ladybug will definitely be eating a lot of fleas. If you’re trying to combat a flea infestation, you should definitely try out ladybugs. You can buy a pack of ladybugs at any gardening store. If you get a pack of 5 ladybugs, you should expect, at the least, 5000 ladybug larvae within 3 days.


For spiders, anything that enters their webs isa free game. Spiders have a healthy appetite for insects because they tend to be their victims the most. Spiders eat flies, mosquitoes, fleas, fellow spiders, etc. SO yes, spiders will definitely eat fleas. However, it is unsure if they will be effective if you’re trying to combat a flea infestation. You can try and see if spiders will help with a flea infestation by placing them in your garden. If you notice the fleas in your home reduce after getting spiders, then maybe they’ll work for you. You can purchase spiders from reptile shops.


The type of ant that eats fleas is the fire ant. Yeah, those fire red ants may need to make an appearance. One thing everybody knows fire ants for is their nasty bite, which can cause irritation and discomfort for days. Due to the bad side of fire ants, nobody bothers to know about the ways they can help out in the home. Fire ants have a healthy diet comprising of cockroach eggs, ticks, fleas, etc. Fire ants will basically eat anything smaller than them, which are often smaller insects. You should decide whether your flea problem is that extreme that you’ll need to introduce fire ants.

If you are desperate to solve your flea problems, you can just call in a professional. Introducing insects to battle your flea problem may just end up replacing one infestation for another. Although fleas are very hard to get rid of, it is definitely possible. Through trial and error, you will be able to find out what works and what doesn’t. The insects in this article eat fleas and may be able to help you.

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