We all want to make sure that our home has a positive environment. A calm, serene, and peaceful atmosphere bubbling with positive emotions. Not just that, we wanna make sure that our home always have prosperity and money flowing towards it.

Feng shui is a Chinese practice which deals with harmonising the energy levels in the house with the help of statue placement and interior design.

Best Feng Shui Items For Home

If you want to bring money and prosperity into your house or are looking for ways to remove Vastu dosha from your home then you have come to the right place.

Here, we will talk about the benefits that you will get from having a Feng Shui statue in your home. Then we will proceed to tell you which type of feng shui brass idol would be best for you.

If that is what you are looking for then stay with us!

Why is Feng Shui so important?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of interior designing which focuses on the flow of energy. All this is done with the help of Feng Shui statues like the brass Buddha statue, the brass idol of fish, eagle, horse, dragon and many other statues that will help with the flow of energy.

We have listed a few benefits that will help you to understand the importance of the Feng Shui statue in your home.

  • Good health

Health is wealth, this is not just a saying but a really important lesson that one should know in life. Without good health, we will not be able to enjoy even the simple pleasure in life.

If you are someone who is struggling to stay healthy or constantly gets sick then you should try to incorporate a feng shui statue, as it is believed that having one makes sure that our healthy energy levels stay intact. 

  • Attracts wealth 

Who does not like to have a money life? Wealth is an important aspect of everyone’s life. We need wealth not just to meet ends but also to live up to our ambitions and expectations.

If you are working hard and yet somehow money does not stay in your bank account, or you seem to lose the constant opportunities on your way then it could be because of low energy levels of positivity.

You can increase the positivity of your body, mind and atmosphere with the help of the Feng shui statues. As these statues are believed to be the attractor of wealth. 

  • Increase frequency 

Increasing frequency is essential for everyone. But when we talk about a person who is feeling low or upset for a long time, for them, it is much more important to increase their frequency.

As the higher frequency is associated with positivity. We can use several feng shui statues to increase our positive energy and frequency. 

  • Protection from evil spirits 

Many times in our life we feel low and exhausted without any reason. Thou this could be due to any reason but many people believe that it could be due to the influence of evil spirits around us.

A strong feng shui statue like logma is known for protecting the people in the house where it is kept. The powerful positive energy is considered a great way to shoo away negative spirits and negative energy. 

  • Brings power 

If you want to become an influential person, then it is important and necessary to have some kind of power in your hands. Wealth, power and fame are the three most influential things that a person can wish of.

If you want to achieve power in your life then you should consider having a feng shui statue in your life. Many Feng Shui experts believe in having a feng shui statue such as a dragon is a great way to pursue your path to becoming an influential person. 

  • Blessed with good luck

Some call it coincidence, others call it fate and many know it by luck. We can work as hard and as smart as we want to, but we can not deny the existence of luck. And who does not wanna be called lucky?

If you ever feel like you stand back when people talk about being lucky. Then this is your chance to shine. Old people and Feng shui experts believe in keeping feng shui statues to bring good luck into your life.

What statues are lucky for the house in Feng Shui?

Till now, we have talked about the benefits that one gets from having feng shi statues at home. Now, we will help you with finding statues which we can add to our house.

  1. Laughing Buddha 

Laughing Buddha is the most popular Feng Shui statue. We can find a laughing Buddha statue in every corner of the world. Laughing Buddha is a very famous Chinese monk who is considered a Zen master of laughing.

Having a laughing Buddha statue is considered as good luck. It not only brings money and good luck but also it is a powerhouse of positive energy that is what we all need in life. 

  1. Fish 

A Fish is a water animal and is considered the bringer of fortune and prosperity. As water element in Chinese mythology is associated with money and good luck.

When we keep a brass statue of Fish in the water it is considered one of the best ways to attract wealth and good luck. 

  1. Eagle 

Eagle is a strong predatory bird that enjoys its position on the top food chain. In Chinese mythology, an eagle is considered a symbol of power and freedom.

Power and freedom are two very important things that are a must for many people. These two things are interrelated with each other when we get power, then we automatically get freedom. If you want to experience both power and freedom, then we suggest you get a brass eagle statue. 

  1. Longma 

Longma is an ancient Chinese mythical creature which is a close relative of Qilin. A longma is a dragon horse which means that it has the body of a horse and has dragon scales on its body.

Having a Longma statue is a great way to make sure that you are getting protected from all kinds of evil spirits. A longma is seen as a good omen.

To wrap it up

We are now at the end of our discussion about what Feng Shui statue is best for a home where we have talked about the different benefits that one gets from having a Feng statue then we talk about what statues would be perfect for your home.

That’s it for today hope that you got all the information that you were looking for.

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