Have you ever wonder, what is Valentine’s Day all about? St Valentine’s Day is an annual festival to have a good time with your loved one, companionship and admiration. Every year on 14 February people have fun on this day by sending sweet messages of love and shows affection to partners, family and friends. Couples send Valentine’s Day cards, red roses and spend special time together to honor their love for each other. It wasn’t until more than 250 years later that 14th February was proclaimed St Valentine’s Day. By this time Rome had become Christian country and the Catholic Church was resolute to stamp out any remaining paganism. A pagan fertility ceremony was held in February every year and the Pope abolished this celebration and proclaimed 14 February as the Saint Valentine’s Day, thus establishing this banquet day on the Catholic Calendar of Saints.


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The poet Chaucer in the Middle Ages was the first to connect with St Valentine with romantic love. This was the foundation of the ritual of courtly love, a custom of expressing love and appreciation, usually in secret, isn’t that sweet? This tradition spread throughout Europe and stories grew about a High Court of Love where female judges would regulate on issues related to love and admiration on 14 February each year. Historians believe that these gatherings were in fact where people read love poetry and played games of flirtation.

Now days the practice of sending love messages grew into people by sending special greeting cards, roses, people also download Valentine’s Day red roses wallpaper to send via sms to their loved one. So if you’re all set for this special day and looking for some innovative ideas to make this particular day more exceptional and different you can get many ideas here.

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