Have you been cherishing the idea of proposing your lady love? Your heart may skip a beat every time she shows up but words like ‘Will you be my Valentine’ or ‘Will you marry me’ just freeze. So instead of waiting for the right time, let your girl know how passionate you are about her. Valentine Day Romantic Propose Lines

Romantic Propose Lines

You started believing that there was someone for you until you met her. Now all you desire is spend the rest of your life with her.

Every wise man will advise you to pour out your heart to her, before it’s too late. If you rest your faith on their words, there are some fabulous ways to can propose her. You no longer have to fumble for the right words. Understand this is just the beginning of your magical journey.

Some Propose Lines

  • You gave me the reason to smile, since the day I found you. So am I am also the reason for your smile?

  • You are someone, I was looking for to let you know that want to all my life.

  • You’re the only person I want to, love forever. I find you in my words as well as in everything I do.

  • Will you spend the rest of your life with me?

  • I want to age with you.

  • My life is empty without you in it.

  • Not having you by my side makes me incomplete.

  • Before we crossed ways, I never realized my life was empty.

  • I and you are truly meant for each other.

  • I want give everything that makes you happy. So thought of beginning our journey with the ring.

  • Will you provide me the honour to take you as my wife?


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Love-quotes-todaya-dn-always-Romantic Propose Lines

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Romantic Propose Lines

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