They say laughter can mend many bridges. Well, there is a time and place for it, but laugher sure is the emotion that we all enjoy the most. Be it a comedy movie, a show, or a podcast. Comedy is one such genre that can be consumed every day, and there will never be a sense of monotony. This is the exact emotion that has kept shows like the Monday morning podcast afloat for many seasons.

Comedy is also one of the most complex genres to execute. In the case, of a live comedy show, there is more than one person watching the show, so the laughter is infectious.

With a comedy movie, the queues are both audio and visual. This makes it much easier to land a joke. However, with a comedy podcast, the host is dependent on just his/her voice and some audio mixing.

The beauty of a comedy podcast lies in the fact that the end goal is to entertain. This makes the podcast easy on the ears and consumable, even while performing chores.

A show like Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast is a mindless comedy podcast. They do not expect you to remember facts or follow a plot. It is this unique quality that makes comedy such a snackable variety.

Podcasts bound to tickle your funnybone

There are few podcasts like we already mentioned that would make you laugh and giggle over some of the most strange and absurd thoughts and perspectives. We recommend these podcasts for any time of the day, at any place you can be. The road, or the kitchen, it’s always a good time to get a few chuckles.

1. The Monday Morning Podcast With Bill Burr

Standup comedian Bill Burr has always been a comedian with strong opinions, packaged with a severe punch of humor. His podcast and his standup comedy are both hilarious to a point where they make you rethink the way you look at the world. The comedians pick on the week gone by and look at the strange world around him from a funny lens.

The podcast is as simple as him and his microphone. No guests, no fancy SFX. The podcast is honest and rustic, filled with the quirks of the controversial Bill Burr.

His narrations keep you captivated through the length of the episodes with his dramatic voice-pitches and his amusing anger to everyday life.

2. Congratulations With Chris D’elia

If you are looking for a podcast host who can make you laugh out loud, it is this man for sure. Comedian Chis D’elia is known for a lot of things, but his podcast has to be handed down the most quirky piece of content to his credit. The Podcast is just him in a studio, making fun of all things weird.

The Podcast is so easy to listen to at any time of the day. The comedian can take some of the most random topics like “a dog throwing up” or “Pillow fighting” and turn them into riots of laughter. His style of comedy has always been highly caricaturist and over-the-top; his podcast stands true to the expectations.

3. Your Mom’s House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

This misleading title is one of those click baits we must fall prey to. The comedy podcast hosted by a real-life couple is one of the most celebrated podcasts in the genre.

The podcast features the unapologetic wit of Tom Segura, known for his numerous standup specials and Comedian Christina Pazsitzky. As of the year 2020, the podcast has broken record-high impressions.

The couple has some thought-provoking conversations about the world around them. They work great as a team as they complement each other’s opinions.

The highlight, however, is the part of the podcast they react to videos. Tom Segura has the ability to look at these videos so distinct from reality that it makes the conversation the funniest section of the podcast.

4. The Brilliant Idiots

Two comedians with brutally honest opinions of the world around them. They talk about everything from religion, relationships, politics to current affairs.

The two comedians often get guests on the podcast who are just up the level of comedy. The two hosts bring their personal touch to each story without a single moment of monotony.

Since they come from very different upbringings, they provide a very diverse perspective on any of the topics they discuss. The humor comes from the fact that the two hosts always provide polarizing opinions.

There is never a culmination of options leading to one common ground, which makes it a fun listen. The segment called “Ask An Idiot” is the cherry on the humor cake.

5.  My Dad Wrote A Porno

Compared to the numerous comedian-driven podcasts, this one has a unique flavor and an unusual premise. Hosted by Jamie Morton, who reads an erotica novel written by his dad.

The show is ably supported by James Cooper and Alice Levine, who throw in funny jabs at the already hilarious on the ears novel. The giggles arise from the absurdity of the format and the honesty of the writing.

The show started as a home-party gag but expanded to something much bigger. The erotics, written by Morton’s dad, with a pen name Rocky Flintstone have their distinct flavor that adds to the experience. The podcast is an ideal choice to listen to on your drives or while taking breaks at work.

There are a few more podcasts that you can consider for a casual listen. The beauty of comedy podcasts is that there is never a “perfect time” to dive into them. Podcasts like History Hyena, Tuesday With Stories, WTF with Marc Maron, and Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend are all hilarious shows with endless entertainment.

Tune In

Most of these podcasts are created on a weekly bases, which means you will never run out of entertainment. The primary objective is to keep you entertained, but sometimes they can also alter world-views.

Comedy podcasts, without a doubt, are the reason many of us enjoy podcasting. Some listen to a podcast for entertainment, while others look to them for fresh opinions. Comedians are however, known for their honest advice, and that’s what makes them so refreshing to listen to.

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