The most important thing in a wedding ceremony is the gift. The gift is a way to show feelings towards the newly married couple. You need to pay more attention to the selection of souvenirs and wedding favors in order to create a good impression of the event. Make the gift spectacular by wrapping the wedding favor in colorful papers and bows. You can also add other decorative elements to make it look good but make sure not to put too many decorative elements as it will make it look bad.

People marry once in a lifetime, make the wedding favors and souvenirs memorable. Gifts vary depending on the person you’re gifting it to. If you’re looking for some more better ideas for souvenirs and wedding favors, have a look at, they have an amazing list of the same.

You don’t need to burn your pocket in order to stand out from the crowd, small gifts can make a better impression if chosen properly. Choose a gift according to the theme or style of the wedding. For instance, if the bride and groom are Indian, choose a gift that has the tone, shape, and design according to Indian design. If the theme of the wedding is casual, make sure the item you choose expresses comfort.

The best wedding favors are those which can be used after marriage such as bottle opener, candle stands, and picture frames. Edible items are great for wedding favors, they can even be personalized and it will surely stand out from the crowd. Other personalized items that you can consider is labeled clay pots. Add a personal message with the clay pot and let the couple know how much you love them.

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Handmade glasses which can be personalized is a great wedding souvenir. Try to write the couple’s name or printing their photo as it can make it much better. You can even give seed paper or grow me sachets, being environment-friendly, they’ll remember you even after 10 years when the plant has grown fully. Succulents in shot glasses or silicon pots are another way of going green and the best part is it doesn’t even need much space. It can be placed in the balcony of the house and they don’t even need much water to grow. Gourmet bites are yet another edible gift which can make you stand out from the crowd.

Personalized items reflect your personality so be yourself while giving wedding favors. Remember, it’s all about efforts. Guests will love any kind of thank, you give but making it special and budget-friendly is the key to best gift. The best wedding favor is the one which matches the wedding theme. In order to coordinate the packaging of wedding favors use your wedding colors and reception décor. Go for local items instead of branded items for your wedding favor. Every place has some local charm which people love, look for that famous local item. Certain vendors can even create customizable candy wrappers. You can ask them to print your initials or your name in the treats.

You can buy a small cologne or a watch for men. If you know the person personally then give a gift according to his choice. There’s a good chance that you will leave a good impression. On the other hand, women love personalized gifts such as monograms, cosmetic bags, and wine glasses. Look for something that matches the bride’s personality and personalize it accordingly.

Some of the best wedding favors you can give are personalized travel tags and mini alcohol bottles. Make sure that you give a leather one with their name or a quote imprinted on it. Wine and champagne are overrated. You can buy them a gin or mixers. Shawls or cozy wraps will be the best option if they stay in a cold place. Again, imprinting their name or initials can be a great gift. Cookies printed with thank you can be yet another great wedding favor. Well, who doesn’t love cookies? Change purses for both the genders can serve as a great favor.

Choose a gift that has auspicious meaning such as chopsticks/spoon with a heart sign and a quote written by the bride and the groom to express gratitude towards the guests. Also, choose an item that is currently trending or is modern. But if there are much older person joining the event, it won’t be a nice idea to gift a modern item to them.

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