Men and travelling are many a time synonymous. They love to travel either for pleasure or for work. In one way this is a blessing in disguise, if we are to gift such a travel-o-holic. I am so relieved at the thought as I only need to analyze what he will need rather than what will appeal him. I have both my husband and brother constantly travelling. So this time for any occasion that comes up, I will gift travel accessories. Best gift ideas for men these will be!

Top Gifts For Men Who Like to Travel

I better note down the various things he would have to carry when he is travelling. Firstly, he needs to have a good travel bag. The travel bags & wallets has to be such that all his belongings along with important documents be stacked properly. In addition, it has to have enough space to stuff in his toiletries.


Coming to personal grooming, men do require some important things when they have to attend to their official work. A good shaving kit is the all-important one. Today, there are electrical shavers which give good shave as well as less clutter. I only wish my conservative hubby will switch over to this techno-shave. On the other hand, this will be a real safe gift for my brother as he will love to finish off such things in a jiffy.


Though, it is a known fact that men can live alone even in a secluded place, leave alone crowded places. But we should not make this belief universal. My husband loves to listen to music, watch movies and just browse the web. Gadgets such as MP3 & MP4 Players, laptops and Tablets will be apt. This will fill their time while travelling. One more thing that came to my mind is a power- bank. Now a day we find that many places have power cuts and this can hinder our men from using their electronic gadgets. So it will be a great idea to carry a power bank.

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Men’s fashion should also be kept in mind. Because, when they travel for a purpose, especially official, they need to be presentable as well. Watches enhance the style of a person, at least according to me. It will show your attitude. A tie completes that official look. If, in any case, this is an informal assembly, then funky bracelets and finger rings also can be worn. A belt can also be a good gift, provided he will appreciate it.


One way gifting things necessary for an official trip becomes easy as there are some limited accessories. It makes me go crazy to think of the other occasions. Card holders and key chains, or any other quirky gifts also will pass off, if the travel is for fun. T-shirts instead of shirts can be thought of for such times.


Well, all in all, gifting men is not all that difficult. With such great research, I only need to shortlist the things and go online to place an order.

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