Mathematics is a branch of science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity, and order. It covers everything from basic counting techniques and describing the shapes. It deals with the structure, order, and relationship of shapes. It is concerned with logical reasoning and numerical computations.

Although math is considered a difficult subject and a challenging one, it is a rewarding subject. It is a foundation of many fields like science, engineering, economics, and computer science. The basics of math are used in these fields. It develops important problem-solving and critical-thinking skills in students. Many calculators are available online as has developed a Fraction calculator to solve math concepts. A Deeper understanding of math is possible with effective teaching methods, a better learning approach, and a growth mindset.

Concepts Of Mathematics In School


Vectors can be difficult to grasp at first, yet they are a fundamental notion in physics and arithmetic. A vector describes direction and magnitude with units. Vectors have size and orientation which can be used to describe other quantities. They are represented by arrows and numbers written on them as the length of the vector. The length of the arrow indicates magnitude i.e. speed and force and the direction of the arrow indicates the direction of a quantity acts.

Vectors are used in engineering for modeling complex systems. It is used in computer graphics for rendering images and animations. Also, it is used in physics for describing motion and force.

It is used everywhere where measurement and direction quantities are important to consider.


When you start simplifying a fraction with basics it is easy to understand but as the complexity of the question increases fraction becomes difficult. It is easy to apply arithmetic operations on numbers rather than fractions in which denominators have to be equal for addition or subtraction. Small fractions are commonly used in daily life scenarios. Follow a recipe for 1 kg of rice but you want to cook ½ kg of rice so divide each ingredient quantity into half. Fraction is important to learn as it is applied in higher class topics. For ease and a better understanding of fraction two, fractions can be solved using a Fraction calculator. You can perform any arithmetic operation using adding Fractions calculator.

Algebraic Manipulation:

For some students, algebraic manipulation is difficult to solve. Algebra often deals with abstract symbols and variables which have some rules for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

 Students find it difficult to deal with symbols. Algebra often involves symbols and letters to find unknown quantities. Managing these quantities and symbols and finding their relationship can be intimidating.  Understanding variables, equations, and functions can be difficult for some students. Nowadays online calculators like the Fraction calculator are being used to solve algebraic equations as well.

Solving Simultaneous Equations:

A simultaneous equation can be solved by using two methods either elimination or substitution. Dealing with two variables and finding their value may be difficult for students. The more the number of variables including the complex equation would be to solve. Students can use the elimination method to find a variable which is a lengthy method. They can also use matrix calculation to find the unknown variable.

Pythagoras’ Theorem:

Some students find it difficult to understand the Pythagorean theorem as it is the basis of many questions. Students find at first the difficulty of understanding it. It can be understood with visual graphics which are available online. Educators use visual aids, hands-on activities, and real-world examples to illustrate the theorem. This theorem is used in construction, navigation, and engineering practically. If students are told about a mathematical concept’s practical application, they learn it with keen interest.

Around the world math is a mandatory subject in most curricula. From playgroups, children are exposed to counting and numbers and as the class rises they learn more concepts of math and study math till high school. For some students, mathematics is a nightmare. Nowadays there are wide online resources to understand math and calculators like the Fraction calculator are available for solving their exercises.

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