While almost any man can become father of a child, there is so much more to the role of being dad in a child’s life. Let’s look at who father is, and why he is so imperative in our life. Studies show that if your child’s father is affectionate, understanding, and involved, he can contribute immensely to your child’s cognitive, philological, and social development, as well as academic accomplishment, a strong inner core resource, sense of security, good self-esteem, and genuineness. Your child’s prime relationship with his/her father can affect your entire child’s other relationships from birth to death, including those with friends, relatives, lovers, and spouses. Those early patterns of interaction with father are the very important that will be projected towards into all relationships forever more: not only your child’s deep-down ideas of who he/she is as he/she relates to any other person, but also, the range of what your child considers acceptable and affectionate.

cool tech gifts to give your papa



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DJ Dad

Whether your daddy likes to rock out to the latest Top 50 tracks or wants to revisit his adolescence and crank up some rock band or Metallica, Bluetooth Headphones are going to put him in music heaven. These high-end earphones can be connected to a smartphone or laptop in seconds with zero wires, and can keep the tunes flowing for up to 35 long hours without requiring a recharge. Big, sturdy 30mm drivers in each earpiece provide deep, thriving bass and still keep the high tunes clear, for the perfect listening experience.

fathers day gifts for DJ dad

Movie maker man

Do you guys remember the school play, where Dad sat with his huge camcorder and recorded your totally breathtaking performance? Nowadays, giant video recording rigs are a thing of the past; all Dad requires to capture a fantastic family moment is a Mevo. This tiny and small gadget packs a powerful 4K camera with a 12.4 megapixel sensor and built-in microphone. That means ultra-sharp video with crisp audio to match, and it also comes with expandable memory and a smartphone companion application to tweak the myriad settings.

Camera Gifts for movie maker man on fathers day

Micro RC Helicopter

This can beunserviceable as far as productivity gadgets go but we can promise you that it is fun for sure and I personally do enjoy flying it around my living room and playing with the dog. It’s so small and cute! The cool thing about this small little cute gadget is you can actually buy 2 and then fly them individually. They do not interfere with each other. So you can race around the house! Sounds fun right?

micro-ac-helicopter-best gift-for dad

Personal Weather Station: weather thermometer

As a geek that lives in a very active changeable climate, I must say that I love to keep track of the weather and this personal Weather Station is what you’ll be looking for this Father’s day and we promise that it is just too cool. I keep one in my office, one in my living room and one in my kitchen. It is one of the perfect kitchen gifts actually for anyone. It’s also very exciting to feel and see the temperature difference in your own home. 4-5 degrees can be huge difference.

weather thermometer gifts for your dad

64GB Key chain Drive: portable storage

A key chain thumb drive is a pro-gift for any computer dad who doesn’t have one already. Even if they already have one of them, is it this big? 64GB is a must have. Great to always have a copy of your resume with you, be able to grab mp3’s or any of your favorite movies while at a friend’s house, bring some vital work home or just carry around photos.

portable storage gift for dad on fathers day

We hope you find this top 5 tech gadgets useful for your dad and we hope you have a wonderful father’s day!

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