The portable document format or pdf is a standard file format used around the world. You may have already encountered this before and did not mind it too much. Now that you’re using it for whatever reason, you find yourself having difficulty maneuvering its complicated inner workings.

Best Online PDF Companion

 Here, I give you the key to your predicament, PDFBear. It’s an online website that can help you with your pdf needs. Compared to other sites and software, PDFBear has many features in addition to being completely free of charge. Here are the top 4 reasons why PDFBear is the best online pdf companion for you.

Organizing your PDFs

Are you having a hard time combining your multiple pdf files? How about feeling frustrated when removing unnecessary pages in your documents? You don’t have to look any further for other pdf merge and edit sites. PDFBear is the solution you are looking for since it not only helps you with these things but is also easy to use.

 The site gives you access to its Organize PDF features. This includes Merge PDF, Split PDF, and Delete Pages. You won’t have to trouble yourself figuring out how to do those things manually because the site does everything for you. With their technology, organizing your pdf files will be a breeze.

PDF Conversion Tools

Most people know that the pdf is an incredibly convenient format for documents. It’s found everywhere, whether in school, in the workplace, or even in religious archives. But, not everyone is savvy with the pdf. If you’re one of those who just aren’t familiar with this format, then PDFBear is the right partner.

 With the site’s software, it can convert any of your pdf files to a format you’re more familiar with. Having your pdf documents converted to Word or Excel will allow you to edit it with great ease, or you could also change it to a jpg or png file. Of course, converting your files back to its original pdf format is also available.

PDF Optimization Options

Have you ever sent a pdf document through email then an error pops out saying your file is more massive that their sending limit? Or did you ever experience dropping your flash drive or hard drive, then when you access it, all your pdf files are either corrupted or damaged? Guess which site has features that can help you.

 PDFBear offers features for compressing your pdf and repairing it. With the site’s pdf compressor, you will have a smaller sized document without having its quality compromised. For the pdf repair, their software will try to fix your file but cannot always guarantee a full recovery. In some cases, it can only revert it to at least a workable state.

Additional PDF Security

Living in this digital age, you know that you can’t always trust anybody or any site online, especially your files. Knowing that you’ll have protection for your files when accessing a site or sharing it with another will undoubtedly relieve your paranoia. You can get those added safeguards with PDFBear.

 When using the site, you will have to upload your pdf to their system in order for them to do their work. After you download your new file, PDFBear will automatically delete your file from its database. The site also has a feature that can encrypt your pdf file and make it accessible only when the correct password is input.


The knowledge of having a dependable partner is always reassuring. With PDFBear offering all these services and features on top of having extra security and being totally free, you won’t have to look for another website for your pdf needs. Having this site as your companion through the intricacies of your pdf documents is more than enough.

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