Don’t you think it would be ideal to start this whole article with some key points to keep in mind when merging pdf files to the utmost potential? We need to go over some of those points so that we can really see how powerful but still straightforward this site is! There aren’t many points for me to cover, but I’ll still keep it simple, so it’s easy to understand.

With PDF Bear

 Why don’t we start at the beginning? What does “pdf” even stand for? Well, pdf stands for “portable document format” which just tells us that the files you open that are in that format will always look the same, it doesn’t matter what device you open the file on. Pictures, charts, graphs, and unique fonts will maintain their shape without messing with the file at all!

Do This Before You Merge Any Pdf Files!

What’s the most essential step before you even start to merge pdf files? Well, you need to convert your documents into pdf files, of course! Converting your files into pdfs will let you save memory space both in your device and your cloud drive. It’s practically impossible to merge your pdf files without even having pdf files to merge, right? You can do this online!

Where You Need To Go For Your Pdf File Needs

Following that last short sentence – yes, you can convert your documents into pdf files online, and for free! You need to head over to if you want to use one of the fastest, most efficient, but still easy to use file converters! They handle everything from converting your documents to merging pdf files and even compressing those already memory-saving files!

 That’s right, has everything you need. You don’t even have to be a technology connoisseur or expert to get started with their quick and easy tools. can handle converting your documents into pdf files. Even reverting them to their original format- reverting to the original format allows you to edit any minor mistakes!

Combine, Merge, and Save Space

All that you really have to do with is selecting the process you want to be done – which is merging, in our case. Don’t worry about having to do anything too fancy or difficult. The people over at made it so much simpler by keeping the whole process within 4 easy and straightforward steps. There’s no struggle at all with

 The first step is for you to choose your already converted pdf files so that the website can start converting them into one whole pdf file. You can drag and drop the files straight into the website from your documents on your computer, or you can manually select them by clicking that large box on the site. Doing whichever works perfectly fine, there’s really no difference.

  did say that there were 4 steps earlier and in the title, but with, there’s really only 3 that you need to worry about. Which is to convert your documents into pdf files, merge your pdf files, and then save them into your computer. The rest of the steps when merging the pdf files will be handled by the system of Once they’re done, you just need to save.


I highly suggest that you start merging similar pdf files(like a lesson, or a presentation) to save memory in your computer and your cloud drive. It isn’t even going to be a struggle for you since it’s all going to be handled by the website. Don’t forget that there are many free pdf mergers online, but we think highly of since it’s the easiest and most efficient.

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