The cliché is so-called “people stumble, horses stumble.” that when it comes to use computers, it often occurs to everyone delete files or format hard drives by mistake. If these files are not backed up elsewhere and wanted to be recovered from the original storage device, you will  have to rely on some sort of data recovery software(資料救援). The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a very simple and easy-to-use rescue software. Based on the traces of your previous using experience, it can helps you to find the lost files in storage device whether it is from a long time ago or most recent.

There are basically four versions of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. First for most it is free to try, the free version comes with the capability to recover up to 2GB of data. For the paid version it gives users the most thorough functions and it is satisfaction guaranteed.

Easeus data recovery wizard key supports the recovery of files lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus attack, system crash, etc.

It supports to recover lost files in thousands of formats on both Windows and Mac platforms.

The common sense is that the data recovery process may be complicated and the software is difficult to use. As a powerful file recovery software, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is surprisingly easy to use. Basically select the device that needs to recover files, such as hard disk or USB,  Scan the SD card, preview the files that need to be restored, and then you can select the files you need to restore. The process is simple and fast. Following is the entire rescue process with the Mac version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Step1: Select the location that you lost your data

Find the location where your data lost and start searching. Also lost partitions are displayed here.

The Minimal Data Recovery Software_1

Step2: Scan Your Computer or Device

Scan to retrieve your lost data. You can pause your recovery progress temporarily and resume later. Use the filter to locate files easily.

Step3: Preview and Recover Lost Files

Filter what you want to recover from the scanning results. Preview specific recoverable files before recovery. Recover everything you need now.

The Minimal Data Recovery Software_3

In Conclusion

If the hard disk, flash drive, and memory card are generally deleted or formatted, Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to format and rescue the hard drive, flash drive, or memory card, or recover deleted files, has a great chance to rescue files. The entire scanning, selecting and recovering files is easy. Please give it a try and let EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard help you retrieve the files.

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