Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales, Australia, is known for being the host of some of the most thrilling events in Australia. Annual celebrations such as the Australia Day celebration and the Harbourlife music festival draw crowds that number to hundreds of thousands.

Enjoy Major Australian Events

  • Australia Day

Celebrated annually on January 26, Australia day commemorates the first arrival of the British ships to Australia and the first time the British Flag was raised in Sydney.

  • Harbourlife

Harbourlife is an Electronic Dance Music event that is held annually in November. Harbourlife has been held at Mrs Macquaire’s Point which is by the Sydney Coast and offers an unobstructed view to the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.  

Since both of these significant Australian events are held near the coast of Sydney harbour, the best way to take part in these events is through a luxury boat hire Sydney has to offer.

Here are some of the advantages of hiring a cruise ship to take part in these events.

  • Your Mates Will Stick Together

When you go out to major events with a multitude of party-goers, it will be tough to keep track of the whereabouts of the mates that you came with. When you hire a boat for the event, you will know exactly where your mates are. Except for being thrown overboard, you and your mates will not get lost, and you stay together to enjoy the events.

  • You Have Enough Room for Yourselves

It is hard not to dance when you attend EDM festivals. However, if you are amongst the crowd at the event, you will find that you barely have enough room to stand on. With your cruise ship, you have the deck all to yourselves for your dancing pleasure.

  • Customize Your Downtime Between Sets

With your luxury boat hire in Sydney, you can customize your downtime. When you get tired of dancing, you can easily take a brief nap or shower to get ready for the next set of events.

  • You Won’t Have to Worry About Your Batteries

It is a downer to be in an event taking lots of pictures then your phone’s battery dies out on you. Hiring a luxury boat comes with power outlets that you can use so you can take all the photos or videos you want without running out of battery.

  • Have Your Private Bathroom

With a private boat, you will not have to worry about looking for a bathroom during the event or falling behind very long lines. You can even take showers in between sets.

  • Better Food and Drinks

You can bring food and drinks on the boat tour without worrying about how to carry or where to keep them during the events. Some boat hire packages even include onboard staff that can cater to the food and drinks for you.

  • You are Hitting Two Birds with One Stone

Participating in festivals is fun. Taking a boat cruise is also enjoyable. So, why do both at the same time? When you hire a boat tour during events, you can do two things at once. You can even take a dip at the warm Sydney waters while listening to your favourite EDM artists.  

Being on a boat to take part in major Sydney events held near the harbour will give you a much better experience.

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