Ways to Stay Healthy

To enjoy a healthy diet, one needs common sense, nutritional knowledge, and passion. It is common knowledge that fruits and vegetables are more nutritious. Most nutritional prescriptions revolve around a large intake of fruits and vegetables. According to proessaywriting.co.uk, eating a healthy diet does not have to be unpleasant and boring. 


Below are six tips for eating healthy and having fun while at it.


1. Get rid of full cream milk


Whole milk contains a large quantity of fat. Reduced intake of whole milk reduces the level of fat contained in your food. 


How: Take skimmed milk and dairy products that contain less fat, such as ice cream and yogurt. If you are not able to stop taking milk as once, switch to lower fat milk until you get to non-fat.


2. Take advantage of nutritional value in seeds and nuts


Nuts contain minerals, fibers, proteins, vitamins, and healthy fat. The fat from nuts doesn’t get absorbed into the body. Pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, filberts, peanuts, cashews, and pecans are full of valuable nutrients. Such nutrients include Fiber, potassium, folic acid, and Vitamin E. 

The high fat in nuts helps regulate food absorption and burn energy. 


How: Always included nuts on your shopping list. Substitute snacks for nuts. It is okay to eat the skin of the nuts. They will act as anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. Serve nuts in small quantities.


3. Tame your salt intake habits


Taste the food before adding salt. Break from the habit of adding salt first.


How: Consider salt free seasoning for one or two days. A little break will help the taste buds adjust. Use no more than a quarter teaspoon day. As your intake reduces, so does your preference for salt. With time you will start enjoying the taste of the food itself, with health benefits.


4. Carry packed lunch to work at least once in a week


Packed lunch helps you from gravitating toward unhealthy choices of food at work. Packed lunch gives you control of how much you can consume without overeating or wastage. It is also pocket friendly.


How: Buy enough groceries to cater for home consumption as well as on or two extra meals. You will achieve this by planning.


5. Eat more fruits and vegetables in a day


Fruits and veggies contain many nutrients and have low calories. Buy fresh and the most colorful veggies available. For vegetables, choose the darker shade of green.


How: Track your fruits and veggies intake for a week. Once you know how much you eat in a day or week, add a part of fruit and vegetables each day. 


6. Plan for mouthwatering healthy and happy meals


In a perfect world, food should nourish all our five senses. It should be sweet, look good, smell nice, and feel satisfying. Begin relishing and appreciating food.


How: Plan in advance so that you can have time to put together and enjoy a couple of unique meals in a week. When you have the ingredients ready, set a beautiful table. Pause for a moment and take in the fragrance and the environment. If you like it, be grateful.




Your general health depends on the food you eat. A balanced diet has a lot of benefits. By making the right food choices, you live a happy and healthy life. 

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