Wrapping a gift item is no less than an art, and when it comes to making your present look lively, eye-catching, and prominent, you should consider using paper boxes. These casings are made with highly durable material that can protect the items inside. The bright colours and striking designs of these casings add value to the things that are wrapped in them.

Wrapping a gift item

These cartons come in different sizes and shapes according to the type of the present that is to be packed in them. They can be purchased from an online or local store as well as made at home using DIY methods. Paper boxes, paper boxes, paper gift boxes, printing paper boxes, cardboard paper boxes here are several ways the present can be packed to send to the loved ones, but the most commonly practised method is to use the paper boxes.

Boxes Are Used For Presenting A Gift

Various designs and shapes are available of these vibrant casings for the wrapping of gift items. The following are the ten ideas on how these casings can be used to present gifts elegantly.

1.Recycled bags

One of the easiest and economical ways for the covering of gift items is to go for recycled bags. You might have some of the boxes in your house already, use them as a package and put your present in them. Since the paper stock that is used for the manufacturing of these bags is rigid and durable, reusing them will not be a decision you will regret.

Recycled bags

One thing that you should keep in mind that the bag you are about to use should be paper gift boxes that are exclusively designed for this job, not like the ones that are used by some food chains to parcel the meal.

2.Add ribbons

The simple and plain paper gift boxes can be made entirely look different and elegant with the help of a simple modification. This modification is the addition of colourful ribbons to the casings.

Add ribbons

All you have to do is to choose one or more unusual fabrics and tie them up on the carton in which you have put your offering. There are a few things that should be considered highly while you are making a decision of buying ribbons. First of all, make sure that the colour and printing pattern of the fabrics are either matching or contrast to each other. In this way, they will make a grand appearance. Secondly, if you know the favourite colour of the person receiving the offering, you should choose the ribbons of the same colour.

3.Add paper bows

The addition of paper bows to the printing paper boxes give them an elegant look and enhance the value of the items inside.

Add paper bows

Making these bows is as easy as one, two, and three. All you have to do is to pick the right colour of the paper and make the bow by watching a tutorial on the internet.

Add paper bows2

You can also make them more intriguing by adding a tiny transparent bag of sprinkles on the top of the bow.

4.Add a handwritten tag

Adding a handwritten label on the package gives the impression of love, care, and belonging to the person receiving the present.

Add a handwritten tag

It can be used to take all the attention of the recipient away from the casing and keep it stick to the tag only. Such cards can be made at home using white and plain cardboard stock, and they can also be purchased from any store around the corner.

5.Washi tape layer

Washi tape is not only useful for interior décor, but it can also be used to improve the wrapping of the items that are to be sent to the loved ones through mailing or courier service or even if you are dropping it at their place yourself.

Washi tape layer

One, two or three layers of this tape can make a huge difference and give the package an entirely fresh and outstanding appearance. Amaze your loved ones with a unique wrapping style by using washi tapes.

6.Silver or golden lining

If you are good at drawing you are probably the only person who can make the cardboard paper boxes for your gifted items look amazing and give them a personalised look.

Silver or golden lining

You can use silver or glittering golden pens to add detailing on these cartons. The design that you will draw on the casing for your loved ones can never be beaten by anything else in the world because only you can bring it with a pure heart.

Silver or golden lining2

7.Jingle bells

Jingle bells are a universal sign of happiness, joy, and celebrations as they are associated with Christmas.

Jingle bells

If you are about to send an offering to someone around Christmas time, you better enhance the value of your offering by the addition of jingle bells. They are the most popular modification of packaging for the kids.

8.Watercolour sensations

For those who love to paint, watercolours are no less than a blessing to make their gifted items striking. According to the occasion and the choice of the colour of the person receiving the offering, paint the cardboard paper boxes and make the most amazing and organic cover for the present.

Watercolour sensations

You can keep the package safe by wrapping a painted butcher paper around it. in this way, you can not only make the presentation of the offering better but also keep the original package safe.


Silky, smooth, and tiny tufts made with yarn of wool can make the wrapping a fun thing.


Put your ‘to be gifted’ article in the carton, cover with an excellent paper, and bind it with silky, fluffy pompoms. It works better for the presents that are to be offered to the kids.

10.Die-cut window

A die-cut window is a smart way to showcase your offering while it is inside the casing. You can ask the packaging manufacturer to make the die-cut, and you can do it yourself as well by using a sharp blade.

Die-cut window

Make sure that the die-cut is covered with the vinyl sheet so that the items inside the casing remain safe from dust, moisture, and other hazardous objects that can cause harm to the gift.

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