Back in the day, when online streaming websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Go, Spotify, and other popular platforms didn’t exist yet, DVD is the platform that people use to watch movies and listen to music. DVD is also the preferred means to distribute movies back in the 2000s. Because technology is evolving, it’s rare to see people who use DVDs because the internet is accessible, and they can quickly put files on their gadgets. With that, here are the things that you need to know about DVDs.

Technology Guide Know About DVDs

What is DVD or Digital Versatile Disc?

A DVD is a disc that is optical and capable of storing information electronically. CDs are also used to store data, which uses the laser to write and read information. Similar to a compact disc, the plastic layers of DVDs are around 1.2mm thick, and one DVD can store 4.7GB of capacity. With that memory, it’s enough to store a film with a runtime of 133 minutes.

A DVD’s storage capacity can become more significant if more sides and layers are added. Besides films, people can also utilize DVDs to save computer files and software. If you want to read the information on your DVD, you should use your computer’s DVD-ROM or DVD player.

Why do People Use DVDs?

If you ask many people, you can use DVDs for many things. There are also software companies that resort to using DVDs to distribute software programs. Although people can directly download software or programs, they still prefer installing some programs on a DVD.

Media companies are also using DVDs when they release music videos and movies. Although streaming your favorite music and movies is the trend today, video and audio quality for a DVD release stay superior. Besides those functions, you can also use a DVD to save your data or backup files.

Things That You Need to Remember When You Buy a DVD


The lifespan of your optical disc will depend on how frequently you use it. Some might last for decades, and others will stop working after 2 or 3 years. If you properly use a DVD, it will last longer. If you want a reliable DVD, choose one from major brands such as HP, Maxell, Philips, Sony, and Verbatim.


What will you store? A single-layered DVD can store around 4.7GB of storage capacity. With that, you can save 2,000 images on a single DVD. You should think about what you will store to know if a DVD is practical for your purpose.


If you want to buy a DVD, you should first check the recording device that you will use to know what type of DVD you’ll purchase. You should also make sure that a blank DVD is for Data and Video use. The DVD that is Data Use Only will solely work on a desktop.


Although a DVD is outdated and not a trend anymore, there are still people who use it, and it’s always handy. Many companies are still using DVDs for storing music, programs, software, and other important files. It might be old technology, but it’s always important to many people.

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