Teachers are highly influential personalities of the society. Our teachers play a crucial role in whatever we are at present or what we may become in future. Teachers are the shapers of the society as they carve the young minds into responsible citizens of the society. However, do you think teaching is an easy job? Well, youare absolutely wrong, if your answer is yes. Teaching is not at all everyone’s cup of tea. This profession requires a lot of hard work, complete devotion and dedication to the job. Here’s a list of 5 things you may not be knowing about your teachers.-


Teachers spend most of their time in teaching: yes, a teacher spends an average of 2400 hours annually in teaching. Amazed? Don’t be, the number can be greater than this, as well. Many teachers start their day as early as 5 am and continue teaching till 10 pm. Imagine the amount of concentration and hard- work they require to follow this routine almost every day.


Most of their time is spent in planning and preparing for their next class or lecture- on an average, a teacher spends 20% of his productive time in preparing notes or planning for his/ her next class. And, this is a daily routine. They need to attentive and up to date and therefore, they have to do it seriously. They can’t just read between the lines and enter the class.


Teachers love their students: oh yes, this is absolutely true. Teachers are not at all students’ haters and they are in this profession because they love teaching and their students. For them, students are their real investment and they become really happy when they see their students climbing up the success ladder in their respective careers and lives.


Money is not everything for them: this is the only profession, where money doesn’t matter much. Teachers have an inherent passion for teaching and monetary compensation is the secondary parameter for them. For them what matters is satisfaction and respect in society. And, actually they deserve this.


Teachers do love cakes and chocolates (only if they are not diabetic!): Teachers are more or less like us. They are not aliens, neither are they from another planet. They do have choices and preferences. Invite them over coffee and let the real person speak to you.


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Here’s wishing one and all a very Happy Teacher’s Day

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