We all know that the Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th of February all over the world. But very few of us know the history behind the celebration. Let us see why the Valentines Day is celebrated.


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There was a Roman emperor named Claudius II and a humble Christian martyr named Valentinus. Claudius II was a strict emperor and he has ordered all the Roman people to worship twelve gods. He would announced it as a crime and punish the Christians by death if they do so. Valentinus worshiped the idol of Lord Christ and even the threat of death could not stop him doing so. For this reason he was imprisoned.

While he was imprisioned, due to his learning approach the jailor asked him whether his daughter named Julia could be brought to him for the learning lessons. This happened during the last weeks of Valentinus’s life. Julia was blind since her birth. Julia was a quick minded pretty young girl. Julia was taught the history of Rome by Valentinus. He also told her about god and taught her arithmetic.As Julia was blind since her birth. She used to find comfort in Valentinus’s words and she used to see the world through his eyes.

Once Julia asked Valentinus that “does god really listens to our prayers and does god really fulfills our wishes”? As Valentinus was dedicated to god he replied Julia that “yes, god fulfills every wish of ours”. Hearing this, Julia said that every day and night I pray god that I could get my sight so that I could see everything you have told me about. Valentines said that god will hear your prayer only if you will have faith and trust in him. You have to believe the god. Then they both sat and prayed and suddenly there was a bright light in the prision and Julia screamed that “Valentinus, I can see”.

Valentines wrote a last note to Julia on the eve of his death. He said in the note that,Julia stay close to god and he signed it writing “from your Valentine”. The church of Praxedes in Rome is the place where Valentinus was buried on February 14, 270 A.D. it is also said that Julia planted a pink blossome almond tree there which is still there as a symbol of love and friendship. So every 14th of February Valentines day is observed in the world.

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