Greeting cards are the evergreen gifts that can convey any of our feelings. It can be a birthday, wedding anniversary or simply appreciating someone, greeting cards have never failed in expressing one’s feelings. Mother’s day is just a few days away and gifts galore on mother’s day gifts online. There are different categories of gifts that are put up on gift portals to lure the buyers. But my choice will, undoubtedly, be only greeting cards.


Many of my friends have sent personalized gifts and encouraged me also to send the same. They opined that sending mother’s day gifts to India has become so simple. Especially those which we Indians like.

I loved the idea readily. Personalized gifts for mother’s day have greeting cards also personalized. This is the best part of it. I have got what I wished.

Happy_Birthday_Mom_Recordable_Greeting_Card_mothers day

A greeting card is just a piece of a paper but the message it conveys is tremendous. I have a small incident to narrate in favor of greeting cards. I used to teach a few students at home just to get some pocket money, as a student. Though the students were of more or less the same age, they respected me so much. When I got my job and had to leave the town, all the children were so upset. They could not see me going, they said. They gave me a card which had five bears on it, all turned towards the wall and saying, Please do not go, we will miss you.  Whenever I buy a greeting card this incident comes into my memory and I open that card and see. That is the impact of greeting cards.


What I see here on Giftease is much more effective than that card as these are recordable voice greeting cards. We can say the greetings in our words and our own voice. Great!

I will just pick a greeting card with a good cover first. I have seen a card with lots of smileys on it. All are showing their happy faces. I am asked to record a message first on my phone or computer. Though there are a few specified file formats that are mentioned, I have to follow. Later, I have to place an order and upload my message. So simple. Two steps and you have your voice greeting card ready. Awesome kind of greeting card! I have selected a two liner for her as the limit is  15 seconds. I know that we can say volumes about the mother and the love towards her but understandably, this is the prerequisite.


I feel too excited to send this new trend card. I will place the order very soon and wait for it to reach my mom. How strange life is! When we had time to talk to mom, she was busy and now when she needs us to talk to her, we are busy. Sometimes weeks pass before I call up mom. She stays in India and I know her thoughts are always about me here in this country.


I cannot make a trip at this time of the year but my Mother’s day greetings are about to reach my mother. I will wait for her reaction.

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