Aging is a natural process and as we grow older our bodies change. With growing age our wisdom also increases. Over a period of time our body starts to age and some signs are shown by our body.

If these signs occur before a certain time ,it is called premature aging. You can figure out your age using an age calculator pearson so that necessary measures can be taken for skin premature aging. The aging signs include:

  • Changes in skin like wrinkles, age spots, dryness ,loss of skin tone, hyperpigmentation around chest and sagging of skin
  • Hair loss and graying hair
  • Gaunt face sunken cheeks.

Premature Aging Symptoms and Prevention

Causes of Premature aging

Most signs of premature aging appear on your skin. Your skin changes as we age. When they appear earlier in life it is because of environmental effects or lifestyle factors. Following are main causes of premature aging

– Excess exposure to UV rays

Constant and excess exposure to sunlight or uv rays age skin more quickly as it should be. This is called photoaging. Uv light damages skin cells which contribute to premature changes like age spots.Sun exposure also raises the risk of skin cancer.

HEV (high-energy visible ) light and infrared rays also damage the skin. The source of HEV light is the sun and electronic devices like smartphones. These rays do not cause skin cancer but reduce the collagen and skin elasticity which is a symbol of youthful glow. An age calculator pearson is a calculator online which finds your birthday in years, months and days. Find out age by Pearson Chronological Age calculator so that you can use sunscreen according to your age needs.

– Smoking

Smoking contains nicotine and the toxins in cigarettes enter your body cell. These toxins break down the collagen and elastic fiber in your skin which causes sagging ,wrinkles and gaunt face.

– Unhealthy diet

Sugar and refined carbohydrate-rich diets are related to premature aging figured by studies. A nutritious diet rich in vegetables and fruits, on the other hand, slows the onset of aging.

– Alcohol

Alcohol is not good for health as well as skin. It dehydrates the skin and damages it over a period of time leading to early aging signs on skin.

– Poor Sleep

Low quality sleep or not getting enough sleep is also a big reason your skin cells age faster.
During sleep the body boosts the blood flow to skin hence blood circulation to skin increases when you wake up your skin glows. Skin is repaired naturally when you sleep. When you grow older, sleep decreases naturally. Find out the age with an age calculator pearson so you can know when is the right time for health consultation.

– Stress

Stress is one of the major reasons for early aging. When the body is in stress the brain pumps out cortisol hormone which blocks two substances that make your skin look plump and healthy: hyaluronan synthase and collagen

Care and Prevention of Aging

Environment and lifestyle factors are causing premature aging. If healthy habits are followed on a daily basis it can improve person health and prevent early signs of aging.

– Avoid sun exposure

Since sun damage is the major factor of early aging, protect yourself from damaging UV rays. Use sunscreen or sunblock all around the year even if you plan to be in a little sun. go for spf 30 and above according to skin need. Wear protective clothing that limits the exposure of the body to sun.

– Do not Smoke

Quit smoking as soon as possible. It contains harmful chemicals that affect the skin and body inside. Take professional health care advice on quitting smoking.

– Eat Healthy

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. It naturally improves the texture of your skin. A well balanced diet stops premature aging. Limit on taking junk food as it can not be avoided.

– Exercise

Daily do some exercise like cardio, walking that boosts blood circulation promoting healthy aging.

– Moisturize

Make a habit of removing makeup before bed and do a cleanse ,tone and moisturize routine daily. Stay away from harsh skin care substances containing fragrances or having a higher PH level.
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