This year’s Eid brings back the memories of last year’s celebrations. One of my friends couldn’t make it to his home town last year to celebrate Eid with his family. Being absolutely depressed by this fact, she decided to at least send out gifts to her family members. As we pursuing our post-graduation and were about to have our exams, she couldn’t take out time to visit retail outlets. With less than a week left for Eid, her depression deepened and she was fully convinced that this would turn out to be the most disappointed Eid for her.

Eid Pamper by Sending Them Online1

However, with the advent of online shopping portals, we could find some relief for her. While looking for unique Eid gifts online, we came across, where we found a number of gifts listed, and at reasonable costs as well. Now that she could shop at any given time of the day, we decided to use the evening to finalize Eid gifts online on Giftease.

In the first glance, we picked up the most amazing home décor sets for her house. We ordered bed linen sheets along with the latest designer curtains that were available. Though my friend wasn’t worried about the budget as she was working part-time in our college, we did notice that the rates on the website were pretty reasonable and this helped us shop for a lot more gift items.

Eid 2015 gifts online

Once the house décor items were finalized, we looked into the women’s apparel section to buy new salwar-kameez sets for her mother and sister. To our surprise, we were having a hard time shortlisting the sets. With great difficulty, we zeroed down on 2 sets and immediately ordered the same. With the gifts for the ladies of the house taken care of, the next in line were the men folk.

We glanced through the men’s apparel section and found two lovely kurtas – one for her dad and the other for her brother-in-law. Though we were anxious enough to look for more kurtas, our confusion in finalizing amongst the available options was increasing. Once this was sorted, she wanted to get some customized gifts for her grandmother, as we weren’t able to decide as to which gift would suit her the most.

We finalized a card for her grand mom, uploaded a photo of the two of them, and viola, our gift was ready. With the entire gifts ready in our cart, we bid a heavy good bye to the site after checking out. The gifts were delivered in about 2-3 days and yes, well-before Eid!

This year, though my friend is celebrating Eid with her family, we can’t make it to her place! So, this year too while looking for Eid 2019 gifts online, I visited and ordered few goodies for my dearest friend! With the online shopping websites to our rescue, we can pamper our loved ones on special occasions, even though we can’t physically be present for the celebrations.

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