A multiple-tune cylinder music box is a beautiful option if you’re seeking music box movements that can play various tunes. Through its paces to make sure it’s playing the music of the highest caliber.

Any interior style can benefit from a multiple tune cylinder music box custom. Musical instruments of this kind can be made using stainless steel. Whether you’re going for a modern or traditional design, this box can brighten up any space.

Multiple Tune Cylinder Music Box Customs

The music box’s aesthetics and utility will be a talking point for years to come. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to a space or business while also displaying art appealingly and practically.

Before radio and any recording technology existed, the music box was the only means to listen to a song without the singers present before radio and any recording technology existed. With so many possibilities for listening to music at any time, many individuals still find the distinct sound of a conventional musical box charming.

Multiple tune cylinder music box customs made from music boxes are fantastic heirloom gift ideas since they can hold all of your most prized possessions. Your antique music box can be restored to its former glory by Custom craftspeople for future generations to enjoy.

Essential Musical Instrument of the Type of a Cylinder in multiple-tune cylinder music box

In a musical box, the movement is what you’ll find on the inside.


They are usually made of steel and are used to make a sound.

The teeth are the projecting metal strips of the comb.


Tunes are etched on the rotating section of the mechanism using the metal pins. Brass is the most common material for this type of device. It’s time to get ready for the new housing. Cylinder movement is powered by the mainspring housed in the cylinder.


Winding the mainspring is done by twisting the handle.

An air brake or a governor

This component regulates the rotational cylinder’s speed through a restriction on the spring release’s speed.


It is where all of the movement’s components are held in place.

Boxes for Playing Music on Disc

A disc-type musical box is depicted in the image on the left. The disc-type has a starwheel, which makes a difference. Pins on the disc would rotate and move the starwheel, then strike the comb teeth to make music.

Zinc was used for the disc’s first iteration. Later on, though, steel was substituted to improve the material’s strength and longevity. A small amount of warping bolsters the pins.

People who are better at woodworking

A substantial wooden cylinder with numerous holes is commonly included in their music boxes. Plucking a comb made of iron or something resembling a xylophone produces melodies when wooden pins are placed into the cylinder at various positions. You see here a sample of the type of work produced in this type.

Makers who have a better understanding of electrics

Many solenoids or step motors are used to control which note is plucked in their music boxes. The mechanical force is transferred to the musical comb using a series of arms or wheels.

However, many people still not interested in making a multiple tune cylinder music box like this. It’s more like a piece of public art for display. Therefore the materials and parts can have a bigger budget. However, the general public will not be able to purchase this type of multiple tune cylinder music box. One such drawback is that the device’s dimensions are often too large for consumers to use multiple tune cylinder music box customs in their day-to-day activities comfortably.

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