While Valentine’s Day is renowned in most countries, different cultures have developed their own rituals for this festival. In some parts of the world Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day for expressing love between family and friends, rather than celebrating as romantic couples. Some traditions include leaving lollies and gifts for children and others include acts of admiration between friends. Valentine’s Day is most commonly related with passionate love, with millions of Valentine’s Day greeting cards being or Beautiful valentine day love wallpaper exchanged each year. Gifts of red roses or chocolates are sent with romantic messages tour loved ones and couples spend some quality time together. Valentine’s Day gift hampers are also considered as popular gifts which generally include cakes, flowers (mostly roses) champagne and chocolates.

Valentine Day Roses

Many couples prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day with candle light dinner, a picnic or special home-cooked meal or simply organizing a house party. Many eateries or restaurants offer Valentine’s Day dinner promotions and food is often served with symbols of love like hearts or flowers. Another popular Valentine’s Day doings is to indulge in a luxury hotel stay in a beautiful place, allowing a couple to get away from busy and fast life and enjoy some quality time together. Marriage proposals are also famous on Valentine’s Day, and it is often preferred as the perfect day to convey their love and promise. Some marriage proposals are delivered very artistically, such as after climbing to the top of a hill, or posting a note on a billboard. Whatever the method, marriage proposals generally made on Valentine’s Day are usually romantic and unforgettable.


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