There are several assumptions as how Lohri got its name. A few believe that the name Lohri is consequential from Loi, who was the companion of Sant Kabir. Some others consider that the word Lohri comes from the word “Loh” which is a piece of equipment used for making chappatis in the public feasts. An additional belief is that the celebration Lohri was named after Lohri who was the sister of Holika. It is also believed that Holika putrefied in the fire while her sister survived. Few others believe that the products like: til and rorhi were combined together to form the word tilorhi which in due course of time got shortened to Lohri.

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Lohri ka prakash,
aap ki zindagi ko prakashmayi kar de
Jaise Jaise lohri ki aag tej ho,
vaise vaise hi hamare dukhon ka ant ho

Yaad rakhea kro dil vich saadi..
Bhave rakhea kro thori sohneyo..
Asi tohade nalo pehla wish karni..
sadde walon happy lohri sohneyo..
Happy Lohri 2018

May this festival of zeal and verve
fill your life with lots of energy and enthusiasm
and may it help you bring happiness and prosperity
to you and your loved ones.
Happy Lohri to one and all!
Mitha gurh te vich mil gia til,
uddi ptang te khil geya dil,
har pal sukh te har din shanti pao,
rab agge dua, tusi “Lohri” khushian naal manao.

In a softly glowing candle light, May all ur dreams cum true.
Every star of every night brings Luck & joy to u…
Wish u n ur family a very HAPPY LOHRI.

The bonfire give you warmth and joys of life;
Rewri and Gachak sweetens you relationships;
Moongphalli and Til add crispness to your actions;
And the Kite of your success soar into the sky! Happy Lohri!

De Mayee Lohri Jive Teri Jodi;
Khol Mayee Kunda Jive Tera Munda;
On this festive occasion of Lohri, May God bless you with lifelong companionship and may it open doors of happiness for your offsprings!
A very Happy Lohri!

Sunder mundarie hoy,
tera kaun vichara hoy,
dula bhati vala hoy,
duli di dhi viyai hoy,
Bus bus aa le 1 rupea baki lodi te ayi.
Happy Lohri.
Phir aa gayi bhangre di vari,
lohri manaun d karo taiyari.
Agg de kol saare aao,
sundariye mundariye jor naal gao.

Hum aap ke dil me rehte hai,
isliye har gum sehte hai,
koi hum se pehle na keh de aap ko,
isliye 1 din pehle hi aap ko
” HAPPY LORRY “Kehte hai!

Is se pahle k lohri ki sham ho jaye,
Mera sms auron ki tarha aam ho jaye,
aur Sare mobile network jam ho jaye,
Apko lohri ki shubh kamnayen …

Nowadays, people are combining Lohri festival with a bit of transformation. Instead of gifting the usual gajaks and til (sesame), people gift coffee cakes with til and chocolate gajaks. People are also becoming more alert about environment security and preservation during Lohri. As cutting of trees for the wood is necessary to light bon-fire during Lohri, some students and people pay off for the same. They try to plant more new trees and saplings to balance for the trees which have been cut.

So as this bright festival is near to bring happiness in your life, we will provide you Lohri SMS, Messages & Wishes, Quotes in Punjabi, Hindi, English to wish your near and dear once.

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