Layering Brings The Best In You
1.Pink is passionate color that every girl loves. While ruffle represents disheveled look, this layered top displays the most meticulous ruffles and appears simple and beautiful. The layers are asymmetrical but are designed thoughtfully in a very symmetrical color pattern. The hem being low in the center, it shows the denims perfectly and accentuates the curves. The layers are in contrasting and equally passionate red flowers that look exquisite. This top is a casual wear and can be worn on a day out with friends when you just want to chill over a cup of coffee. The sleeves too have a tinge of color with pink and white layers which gives them length and style.

  1. Off Shoulder clothing are in trend so be at the forefront and flaunt the amazing shoulders that you have. This striped top ought to make you feel thin as the stripes are horizontal. The ruffles here are made on the sleeves and look fabulous even if they cover half of your hand. The colors of the top are conventional, so does not require much convincing and thought before you wear it. The elastic on the sleeves where the ruffle begins and on the shoulder allows theĀ  top to stay where it is so you may look swaying. Wear this with jeans and heels if you plant to go out in the night.
  2. Casual clothing style never fades away and always comes handy when you can’t think of anything else. This amazingly hued striped top is a go to outfit when you can’t think of anything else. The ruffles on the edge of the sleeves and on the neck adds to the trendy factor and you look elegant and dapper at the same time. The ruffles on the hem makes the top look like a peplum top, further enhancing its style. The stripes make you look thin too. The neck is small and has a small opening on the neck. The colors are nice and bright and can be paired with any color of denims or jeans. View more
  3. A long top is an essential as it hides the wrong curves and accentuates the right one. The standing collar with a button gives you an option to open the top button when you need some air and may close it when you are opting to wear for a formal outing. The buttons from the top to the bottom gives this long top a chic look. The embroidery on the sleeves make this top a party wear. There is a belt that comes with this top which can be easily tucked in to the loops that are on the top. The fitting of this top is gorgeous along with the sleeves that cover half of the hand.
  4. Transform yourself with this contemporary clothing that is sexy because of its neck line. The knot on the bust makes it a contemporary top that you may adorn with a black or white skirt. Wearing a neck band with this cropped top will make you look alluring and enticing. The top has small slits on the sides to allow more extension for the knot. The ruffles on the sleeves makes this top a trendsetter. The ruffles are neatly designed and touch the elbow. Rosegal has many more options that you may find enticing and alluring for a buy!

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