Recent times have seen a surge of successful millennials who have made a big mark with their achievement and carved a feat that influences millions of people. One of the preternatural personages who has committed himself to such a milestone by being the best among successful entrepreneurs is none other than Kevin Zhang. He has also been namedropped as a successful TEDx speaker who has managed to muster a vast number of fanfares from across the world.

The current trending scenario in the world is redolent of exclusive progress in the marketing industry making life difficult for the fresh onset of entrepreneurs. They have to fight a tight and hard-handed battle to survive or even swim the choppy waters of business to make it big. Kevin Zhang, being one of the eminent personalities to have done it successfully has shared his peroration on how to stay alive in the market and reach the skies. His ideologies seem to have resonated deeply with people who have been influenced by him in the context of following his advice to perfection to reach the top position.

Kevin Zhang

His effusion on his motto:

The advice he seems to be stressing upon with significance is that people should chase and follow their passion with all verve and vigor. The youngsters these days tend to turn their motive to some more captivating and easy money-earning prospects abandoning their passion to thin air. This is like a syndrome where you get attracted to shiny or easy objects at the cost of relinquishing your desires. This is a deceased and moribund attitude that has to be forsaken immediately.

There has never been a recourse or shortcut for earning money and there is nothing you can do to earn easy or fast money without striving upon it. Every kind of entrepreneurship is difficult and arduous that requires a weighted input of hardships to succeed. Hence trying to capitalize on options by seizing the chances of earning fast money is futile and insatiable at its best.

The marvelous thing about entrepreneurship is that it is very challenging. One does not have to get trapped into the system of a conventional career as they can happily follow their passion while making money out of it.

His advice on evading burnout:

Health evidently becomes the canvas for a successful career ahead. That is something every entrepreneur invariably discards while being snared on the race of victory and time. Every budding businessman is supposed to heed the health aspects of his own and maintain a regime that keeps him intact. Kevin Zhang being in the thick of the business world follows a healthy diet and works out relentlessly every day.

According to him, the mind works as a fragment of the whole metabolism of the body. Only if your body is in the right spirit, will your mind steer the same way to set things right and perfect. You have to lend stealthy care to the body which will, in turn, shield your mind and keep it steady.

He stresses that, if you want your mind to function properly, your body must also be in tune with it. Your spirits propel the exuberance and energy to withstand a task and finish it promptly where you need a mind to bolster that action.

His advice on Evading fallacies at the start:

Starting a venture requires some kind of gumption and also some gracious courtesy. Initially, you can’t be rigid or stringent while accepting investments until you prove your mettle. This is something Zhang believes meticulously. Your success is contingent upon how flexible and accepting your ideas are.

Being courteous and easy in the beginning does not warranty you to be complacent once your business has picked up. You need to still safeguard the venture and do everything to make the right moves. If you have already established your venture and have seen some progress, there needs to be even more diligence to protect the firm with all your care.

So, his line of thought is, when you are starting the business, imploring people to invest in it would be a spoilsport. It would be nice to give a run and once you have emerged out of the initial rabbit hole, then you can buy attention from people.

The success rate of your firm is directly proportional to how famous and reliable your venture becomes. That reliability becomes the fulcrum and testament for it to sustain long-term. When you are at the beginning, efforts to stimulate and stabilize your business should be contemplated rather than captivating people’s interest to invest in it. Newbies need to take themselves and their options lightly to tread a path that is safe and steady for their further accomplishments to blossom.

The new potential entrepreneurs with just a business plan in their head cannot meet their destiny if they don’t work towards it or have a run at it. Especially when they come for a meeting, their basic motive should be to showcase their accomplishments which is concrete and already executed to a result.

So, one thing according to him that stands apart is the successful execution of your dreams rather than just a blunt idea that has not stood the test of acceptance. The world is studded with exceptional ideas and people with brilliant minds, that to render one’s idea as special does not hold water. Unless the idea takes root and stems into a prospect, it would not see the day of the light.


Kevin Zhang has already paved the way and shown a path for success with his stunning achievements. One has to follow his dictums to get ahead in their ideas as well. They need to sublimate their ideologies to accomplishments by heeding to what theory he subscribes. The above document would go a long way in establishing that as it comes from a man worthy of approbation.

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