In this modern era where everything is now digitized new platforms are being introduced for marketing of a business. Most of us spend time trying to find new ways to improve business.

It’s easy for customers to read information from images in online platforms for buying products.

Businessmen, especially marketers, need information for their product enhancement and improve efficiency in their marketing. For extracting information from images an image to text converter is needed which quickly convert image to text file.

Image to Text Converter

Here are few advantages of image to text converter

1.   Digitizing handwritten notes

Business marketers like to use pen and paper to note down important points in notepad. It is common practice among them to put mind blowing ideas. Pictures can be taken to save the notes but it will take space in your drive and it would be difficult to access the notes. Those images can then be converted into word or pdf file with help of  image text extractor by It is an online tool which uses OCR technology to convert picture to text and make notes for future references.

2.   Making word document from PDF

There are tons of documents in pdf form. The pdf file is easy to share and view therefore it contains most of the information. In pdf form a document can not be edited if you want to edit it first convert it into word form with help of ocr technology software.

3.   Accuracy

Data typing from images to word files takes much time and contains errors. It is a manual option of converting images to word editable files. Converting the image to text by online converter is an automatic process which converts the text accurately. The accuracy is important for business marketers if information is wrong the desired outcome will not be achieved.

4.   Efficiency

The efficiency of business increases with image to text conversion as it saves time and cost of business for converting image to text. Manual data entry typist will be required for typing from images and he will charge for it. Whereas the online conversion tool is free of cost and even the paid version of it is less costly as compared to paying a professional data typist.

Social media is all about pictures and extracting data from it can be used to improve the efficiency of business by taking care of what’s trending in the market and using different strategies for marketing.

5.   Document Search

When the file is in word format or text file , it will be easy to search any information from the file using search command. Other word tabs and options can be used to edit the data. But searching data from images is a hectic process and a very time taking job. By converting the data from image to text form in file format then finding a document will be a single click away. You can utilize the time in doing something else productive work instead of searching every picture.


A business receives a huge amount of documents everyday and maintaining a record of them is a very hectic task. Especially storing images as it takes more space and finding data from each image would be difficult to view. You will be wondering how to copy text from images. The solution is simple either manually or automatic ,the automatic conversion needs image to text converter. It is an online tool free of cost and produces less errors and information is saved. The accessibility of information increases with picture to text conversion.

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