You might already have a cannabis garden by now, and your plants are growing nicely. However, it seems like your yard needs a little more vivacity and color. You can do this by adding some decorations on it. Here are some tips on how to use crafts to decor your cannabis garden, either indoor or outdoor.

Crafts to Decor Cannabis Garden

1. Cannabis Plant Pots

Just like any other plant, the cannabis plant needs a pot. You can accessorize your cannabis plant by painting them. You don’t need to buy clay pots to make a colorful plant pot. You can use recycled containers or used jars from your kitchen. Using different colored paints will make your cannabis garden brighter, even when indoors. Mix and match these paints and use different shapes and decorations when painting for added style.

2. Cannabis Plant Beds

If you want a bigger room for your cannabis plants, you can try using plant beds. You can make simple galvanized tubs, bamboo or, any wooden box for these. If you have a small area for your cannabis garden, you might want to make a raised planter box with storage underneath. This kind of planter box is ideal for both your indoor and outdoor cannabis plants. Or if you do not have any area for a garden at all, you can set-up planter boxes on your deck railings.

3. Cannabis Plant Markers

If you are a beginner cannabis gardener, you might want to mark the type of plants you planted in your garden to avoid confusion. It is especially so if you have planted cannabis varieties. Although each variety plant looks different from the other, it may still be best if you already know what it is from the start.  You can use just about anything as markers. It can be as simple as a recycled key, painted rocks, and even colored plastic spoons.

With the appropriate markers, you can instantly identify where you planted the Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, and Ruderalis. Now, grab your seeds here and choose your favorite.

 4. Watering Can

All plants need water, and your old watering can mays still be useful. There is no need to buy a new one; the old rusty one will do. Just clean it, repaint it with any color and design you fancy. If you don’t have any old watering can, you can try used water bottles, teapots, or pitcher. Just as long as it can hold water and you can make holes in it, it can be used as your DIY watering can.

5. CannabisSoil

Even your soil can have decorations. Remember the painted rocks you can use as markers? You can also use them as your soil decor. You can paint them as bugs, bees, tiny fruits, or whatever design you could think of.

For vibrant colors in your garden, try putting these small painted rocks on top of the soil. Of course, the soil you should use for your cannabis plants must be the right one.

You can easily make these crafts with the available materials within your home. Plus, these simple DIY decors will surely give added inspiration and life into your cannabis garden.

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