How fantastic will it be for you to travel the world while you are still in school! However, budgeting for long-term trips is ultimately a whole different, and you have to consider graduating from school before doing all that. Since there’s a lot of exciting things to get through on this topic, let’s jump right into it.



This is quite a strategic step to take as most universities have an array of study overseas programs, although it might be just one semester or a year. You might even extend it for your full academic years.  Although traveling abroad for studying will certainly not be cheap, when you put into consideration the cost of visa, return flights, and the value of every other basic need that come with traveling abroad. But one way out to cater for this is by taking a student loan, it might not be the most desirable job, but it gets the job done.


Internships are great for getting two things done at once, like killing two birds with a stone; you get to travel abroad, and you also get the work experience. Traveling abroad for internships will offer you the opportunity to explore a new environment more intimately, the people there and their way of life.

You will most likely have to pay for your flights as well as accommodation except if you get it through your university, they might be able to sponsor you and bring down the costs. However, some universities offer regular internship/ short study abroad programs while they cover the flight costs, accommodation, and others; a good example is Exeter.


The university is a meeting point or place for all manner people from all walks of life being put together in a small area to mingle with each other for some time. It is such a privilege to meet people from various countries of the world and also get to have the opportunity to make friends with them and who knows, probably visit their state during your holidays. A warm welcome, free bed, meal as well as free tour of a city, isn’t it awesome?

However, don’t get this the wrong way, you shouldn’t force friendship on anyone to travel abroad, but if you get to find a good friend in an international student, then there’s a slight possibility of such but don’t get your hopes too high.


It is quite easier getting jobs during the extended holiday and while getting a job, why not try getting a job abroad? Some jobs abroad don’t require significant qualifications and experience although there is not much money involved, who gets a million dollar job during the holidays? Working abroad also allows you to travel, which should be enticing.


This isn’t so much freedom because you will cater for your transportation back although it depends on where you end up, other things like feeding and accommodation are free. There are some places where you can quickly get a free ride off stranger’s buses and cars. There are also some universities who raise money through charity treks and mount climbing.


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One solid step you need to take to achieve traveling around the world is for you to save money. Apart from you relying on your parent’s cash, which is not all that sure, your next means of financing your trip is save some right amount of money. It might seem generic and boring, but the fact is, you need to work hard to play hard.

Quick tips on how to save money while travelling:

  • Schedule your traveling to around the low or mid-season.
  • Stay in a hostel or Airbnb, rather than booking a hotel. It is cheaper.
  • It is better to travel with a friend, and when I say friend, be sure that is true. When you bring a friend or partner along you can split the cost of basic needs like accommodation, feeding, etc.
  • Leverage on your student ID for discounts or even free access to many landmarks and also lots of museums around the world.

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