Bowling is no doubt an amusing indoor game which can be played by people of any age group. It is a fun and social activity. There are some tricks and rules to be followed for bowling players. A ten pin down game mode is famously played. The game has 10 rounds called a frame each player has 10 frames. In a single frame each player plays 2 balls to knock down all the ten pins down arranged at the end of lane. The final score is the cumulative addition of all 10 frame scores. The maximum possible score is 300. Each frame score can be calculated automatically by using bowling score calculator powered by Calculatored

children a boy throws ball into a home bowling alley and smashes the bowling pins

What is Strike?

The game begins with the player bowling the ball on the first chance of a single frame. If he successfully knocks down all 10 pins in a single attempt, it is termed a strike, and the frame is completed. If some pins are still not knocked down after the first ball, the player is allowed another chance. The first pins knocked down are counted and removed.

What is Spare?

In the first term the player knocks down some balls and the player rolls the ball second time in a frame. If he successfully knocks down all pins on a second chance it is called a spare. If there are many players in a lane the game is passed to the next player until all players end up bowling in a frame.

Arrangement of pins:

The ten pins are automatically arranged by a machine in the shape of an equilateral triangle at the end of the lane. Each pin is placed 30cm apart from the other. The distance is measured center to center. The first position of the pin is known as the head pin. The numbering goes backward in the right direction.

Making a strike with pin scatter

  • For a right hand bowler if the ball contacts just 1st, 3rd, 5th and 9th pin a chain reaction occurs and will knock down all pins.
  • For a left hand bowler, if the ball contacts 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th pins it will be a complete knock down.
  • The falling of all pins due to chain reaction is called pin scattering.
  • The 10 frame score can be noted using bowling score calculator.

Brooklyn technique:

It is a special kind of strike in which a player hits the pins in the opposite pocket from which he/she has thrown the ball. The brooklyn occurs when the ball crosses over 1-2 pockets in case of right hand bowler and in case of left hand bowler the ball crosses 1-3 pockets. The strike is also known as jersey side.

Ball releasing tricks:

Players try to get a strike while releasing a ball on the lane. Two styles of releasing a ball are opted usually. Players can release the ball straight or with a hook. New players try for straight technique whereas experienced use hooks. All the 10 frames score is automatically added and in end final score is known by bowling score calculator

In the case of straight releases, right-handed players aim for 1-3 pockets, while left-handed players aim for 1-2 pockets, which is excellent for a chain reaction among the pins. In the event of a hook, the ball initially goes straight before turning to the opposite pocket. Hooking a ball requires a variety of tactics from players.

There are two ways to make a hook. Players release the ball on the lane while simultaneously releasing their thumb, middle finger, and ring finger in the first approach. This gives the ball the necessary spin for a flawless hook.

The best timing to let go of the thumb for a right-handed player is at 10 o’clock. That is, he must release the ball while moving his hand from 12 to 10 o’clock on a clock. The best position for a left-handed bowler is 2 o’clock.


Different players use different techniques to make a strike. For the very young and elderly, granny style bowling is used. Hold the ball in two hands and then throw. In bounce pass the ball is thrown from their chest towards pins but it’s damaging for lanes and pins. The 10 frame score is counted with help of bowling score calculator

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