As a gun owner, it is very important you oil your gun. No matter the type of gun you have, you have to oil it as regularly as you can. It is advisable to oil your gun weekly. Oiling your week once a week is enough. Even if you don’t use the gun regularly, you should always oil it. The way you maintain a lot of your machines is the way that you should maintain your gun.  Here are some safety precautions you should take when you want to oil your gun.

Oil My Gun


When you want to oil your gun, you should make sure there’s no bullet in it. You need to ensure that there’s no bullet in your gun so that you won’t mistakenly misfire. You may think you’re a pro when it comes to gun use, but you can’t be too careful. It also goes without saying that you should turn off the safety of your gun. You should turn off and remove anything that can potentially harm you.

 You should also make sure that there’s no one in the room with you when you’re oiling your gun. You don’t know the potentially harmful thing that a kid can play with.  That’s why when you want to oil your gun, you should ensure you’re alone when you want to oil your gun. It is advisable you move out of the house when you want to oil your gun. You should oil your gun in the garage where no one will interrupt you. Get the gun oil you plan to use on your gun and oil it. You can get gun oil at any gun shop. Once you get the gun oil, you can start oiling your gun.

Benefits of oiling your gun

One thing that will help the efficiency of your gun is lubrication. When your gun is always oiled, it will be ready for action whenever you need it. Sweat, dust, dirt, and a lot of other things tend to crust your gun overtime. If you neglect your gun and forget to oil, it will not be ready for action. Let’s say it’s an emergency gun, and you want to use it when there’s a break-in. If you don’t oil the gun, it may not perform well when there’s a break-in in your home. So oiling your gun will always make it ready for action whenever you want to use it, and it will lengthen the life span.

Guns tend to rust, and this can shorten the life span of your gun. Using any rusted thing is annoying and hard to use, so you will have no choice but to throw your gun away. When your gun is always oiled and taken care of, you will be able to use it for a long time.

A lot of gun owners fail to oil their guns regularly, and that is one practice they should discontinue. Failing to oil your gun regularly can cost you a lot, and it’s not something you want to risk. So don’t forget, always oil your gun whenever you get the chance even if you don’t use it a lot.

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