Happy Rose Day to all in advance! Many of you might know why, when and how Rose Day is celebrated. Worldwide Rose Day marks the beginning of Valentine’s week. That is the reason it occupies a significant place in the Valentine’s Day celebrations. This year February 7th, Monday is the Rose Day. Let’s have look at it. The concept of Rose Day originated in western countries and now became popular all over the world mainly among Valentines. Every year during this week the sale of roses and ornamental flowers shoots up like anything.

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Offering a red rose means confessing our endless love towards our dear ones. If someone presents you a rose on Rose Day then feel lucky that he/she loves you. If you present a Rose bouquet with dozen roses then it expresses your love since one dozen roses are considered a symbol of true and definite love. As per history the usage of red roses as a symbol of love dates back to Cleopatra days. A single rose speaks your heart. Also many colourful roses are available for different occasions and relationships. While red rose stands for love and romance, pink rose reflects affection and admiration. Yellow rose stands for appreciation, cheerfulness, joy and friendship. They are perfect to brighten up someone’s day or to say thank you. White rose stands for honesty, purity and also unity. It’s used in weddings as well. An orange rose stands for desire and romance. So be careful while accepting them and also usage may depend on local traditions as well. Lavender rose signifies enchantment. At times it may be used to express love at first sight.


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The perfect gift on Rose day is a flower bunch. They come in various colours and sizes. The roses are beautifully wrapped in colour paper and tied with ribbon. Along with roses other flowers like Asiatic lilies and blooms is also suitable for gifting. You can choose a combo like a bouquet of roses and cake, a bunch of roses with a Cadbury box or teddy is also a good idea. Flower baskets are made in different shapes and your valentine is sure to love them. A heart shaped basket of red roses is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her which excites her. Gifting indoor plants on Rose Day is a thoughtful idea if your valentine loves greenery n plants. You can’t imagine the collection of indoor plants we have at giftease.com. They include grass dolls, lucky bamboo plants, bonsai plants, white pothos and many more. We are sure they make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for boyfriend and are environment friendly.


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