As you know that Republic Day is always celebrated in India on 26th January as constitution of India was granted fully true on this very day. Now this time, we would be celebrating the 75th republic day of India with full grace as this day gives us pride of being Indian and makes us feel good. Republic Day speech is a very special day for India as on this day every solider made us proud of being Indian. On this day, the Prime Minister of India comes to Delhi Parade ground and watches the parade.

Happy Republic Day 2024


Republic Day is celebrated in various ways so that children are also involved in it. Various kinds of functions like republic day speech, voice presentation of republic in front of their Principal, etc takes place. We know that now people might be searching for republic day speech in various languages as the republic is to celebrate in different language and religions.  So here, we are providing you republic day speech and essays in hindi and english. If you are looking for someone who can help with writing your speech about Happy Republic Day – you can delegate your assignment to professional speech writers at WriteMyPaperHub.

Republic Day Speech in English:

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First Speech of Dr. Rajendra Prasad:


Republic Day Speech in Hindi:

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On Republic Day, the Prime Minister tells how much capability we have to work for the welfare of the country and how to deal with adverse situations. All our Indian soldiers had made a solid fight for getting independence and republic of India. It has a great history and all citizens of our nation should know this to understand the sacrifices made by our leaders. On 26th January, 1950 our constitution was fully formed.

All school going students celebrate Republic Day with lots of happiness and grace. They participate in various events like drawing, rangoli, speech, essay competition, etc to enhance their skills and knowledge about this special day. At this moment, the children would be looking for republic day speeches. If you are one of them, you are at the right place. Speech recitation and group discussion form the most important activities of the day.

For students, we have collected the best speech in various languages so that they can understand the speech and convey their message more easily to other people. We hope you like our post and if you seriously like it do not forget to send all these republic day essays and speeches to your friends. Also, do not forget to ask them to share it on various social networking sites for celebrating this day in the best possible way.

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